"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mickey, Minnie, and the Gang can vote again in 2012?

Will 2012 be a repeat of the 2008 voter fraud in Florida?  With so many absentee ballots requested for the GOP Primary, you can take it to the bank.  There has been a 50% increase in requests for absentee ballots for the Florida primary.  Are the northeasteners getting a jump on voting twice by absentee again -- once in their home state and once in Florida?  Sure hope the Board of Elections remembered to mail all the absentee ballot requests to Disney World so Mickey and Minnie can vote again.  (sarcasm)

Does anyone on both sides not see a real problem with voter fraud as it robs legitimate voters of one person, one vote?  After there are votes from eight precincts missing in the Iowa Republican Primary, shows members from both parties are willing to do anything to get their candidates elected.  Voter fraud in NH in the Republican Primary is being investigated by the NH Attorney General.  Will we also see voter fraud in South Carolina tomorrow?

My first real introduction to the dead voting was in Texas after we moved there in 1990.  While watching the news in in the mid 90's on election night, they had an interview with a voter in South Texas who discovered that his relative from the Civil War had voted in the election right before he voted.  Had always heard about the dead voting but here was an example on my TV screen along with the local Democrat Party seeing nothing wrong with dead people voting which was even more shocking.  

Maybe it is time for 3rd world countries where the United States has been monitoring elections to come to the US to monitor our elections.  Voter fraud has become a way of life for Democrats for years as dead people voted but now we are learning that Republicans in some instances are just as bad.  The campaign manager for Herman Cain was found guilty of voter suppression in WI. Robert Ehrlich's campaign manager, Paul Shurick, was found guilty of voter suppression and fraud, in Ehrlich's failed run for Governor in 2010 in Maryland.  Then we have the Republican Indiana Secretary of State, Charlie White, charged with voter fraud in December 2011.

This goes along Democrat ACORN voter fraud and the the voter intimidation by the Black Panthers for Obama in Philadelphia in 2010 where charges were dismissed by Holder quickly after they took office even though videos showed the intimidation.

Those are just a few samples as there are countless more documented when you do a search.  Democrats have been doing it for years but now some Republicans have decided that is the only way to get their candidates elected.  IMHO when you find voter fraud, you should throw the people in jail and throw away the key.  Voting is a right that men and women of this great Country have fought for years to make sure we keep that right.  Now some scumbags from both parties are diluting that right and it is time that we put an end to voter fraud.  It is becoming an epidemic that needs stopped.

We call on members of Congress to do something about voter fraud in national elections and State Legislatures in state/local elections.  No more slaps on the hand from ethics commissions or banned for three years from campaigns.  Make the charges tough so the person will think twice.  I am for making it a felony and if it happens in the precinct, then go after the county board of elections for not overseeing the election in an ethical manner.  Voter identification is not voter suppression unless you are planning to cheat IMHO.  States issue free picture ID's for those who do not have driver's license.  What are people wanting to hide by not wanting to provide a picture ID?

Just say NO to voter fraud and voter intimidation no matter who is behind the practice!  Give us back the security of knowing when we cast our vote it is one vote for one live person.

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