"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Florida Primary - My Two Cents!

Extremely happy that I don't live in the State of Florida and have to put up with this Republican Primary with the ads all over my TV.  Must admit that if I was voting in FL, I would vote for Rick Santorum as being the most Presidential of the group.  Have a much better impression of Ron Paul today then when the race started as he is really a funny guy.  He brought some comic relief to the otherwise nasty debates in Florida.  Only Paul and Santorum seem to care about the issues in the debates as the other two kept getting nastier and nastier.

This idea that anyone should claim the Reagan mantle is ludicrous starting with Newt Gingrich.  We have seen the Congressional record, seen him play up to Democrats and liberals, and watched him try to jettison conservatives when he was Speaker.  He is radioactive IMHO with some of his comments.  Newt is not electable as he will bring out the Clinton Democrats in the general election who want to pay him back for Clinton.  All you have to do is ask my neighbors and stand back for the explosion of what they think of Gingrich.  They have zero respect for him and yet don't like Obama.  One neighbor asked how we could have such bad candidates, and had to tell them no one wanted to run this time against Obama so we are left with these four.

It is time for candidates to be themselves and stand on their own two feet instead of trying to be like Reagan because frankly none of this group measures up.  Too much time is spent on trying to pretend they are Reagan when there was one Ronald Reagan and none of the four can stand up under the microscope in comparison to Reagan.  Find it demeaning and irritating to hear this every time in the election.  President Reagan left office in January 1999 and this is 2012 which is 23 years later with new problems.  Just like Obama is not like Jimmy Carter, our candidates are not like Ronald Reagan.

Gingrich talking about character now is laughable.  Kind of a reminder when Herman Cain who has his own women problems endorses Gingrich.  Shows someone who is so arrogant that they don't understand how anyone would possibly think their private life is not appreciated by many voters especially women.  Now he wants Santorum out of the race according to reports today in Florida.  Talk about going after a candidate when he is going through a hard time with the fact his youngest daughter who has a major disability was admitted to the hospital last night.  Gingrich is turning into the poster boy for arrogance and all about me, me, me.  It is not becoming.

Right now my heart and prayers go out to the Santorum Family and my vote in Oklahoma is going to Santorum who is one of the two adults in the debates.  My #2 choice for voting would go to Ron Paul who is also more grown up acting then the other two.

Wouldn't give you two cents for Gingrich or Romney but have to admit that Romney doesn't get on my nerves when he talks near as much as Newt.  Romney doesn't complain all the time that someone is picking on him either.  If Newt cannot take the heat from the media in the primary or the other candidates, why does he think it will get better in the general?  His whining is what turned me off when he was Speaker.  Will never forget that temper tantrum he threw when Clinton made him go off the back of AF One after returning from a funeral.

The longer this has gone on and other candidates have dropped out of the race, the more arrogant that Gingrich has become.  He doesn't play well with Hispanics in Florida even a little which has showed up in his rallies with Hispanics where few show up.  Pandering is not working with the Hispanic community.  The approach of Gingrich or Romney is not playing well although the Gingrich ad infuriated the Cuban community like I cannot believe.

Personally will be glad when this primary is over in Florida and after Nevada there is about a month before any more debates and voting.  Then it is Super in Tuesday in my state.  I would be just as happy if none of the candidates showed up in Oklahoma and didn't bother to run ads.  Just forget we exist please!

Please keep the Santorum Family and their daughter Bella in your thoughts and prayers.  Cannot fathom what it would be like to have your young daughter with so many problems.

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