"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Congress will have the Back of the Republican Nominee

Finally it comes out the Do-Nothing Senate has a purpose:  Stall all  initiatives from the House so the House will look bad for the 2012 elections.  With their willing members of the mainstream, inside the beltway media it has been working to a degree.  Now the Republican Leadership are speaking up with their ideas for invigorating the American economy and putting Americans back to work.  They are putting the blame where it belongs on the do nothing, obstructionist Democrat Senate who cannot even pass a budget and a President who is more interested in his election then doing what is right for the Country.

Obama helped kill the Keystone Pipeline behind the scenes but even then it only failed by four votes.  Would expect in January 2013 that it will be one of the first bills introduced in the Congress so we can get the pipeline started for the entire length not just from Cushing, Oklahoma, to the refineries in Port Arthur, Texas.

Now Obama has praised the Republican Jobs bill but will he work behind the scenes with Majority Leader of the Senate Reid to kill that as well?  We are saying yes because that doesn't fit the Obama and the DNC narrative of the do nothing Republican House for the 2012 elections.
The president and Reid now face another awkward situation. A jobs bill to help small business, endorsed by Obama, was approved by the House last week, 390-23. Rather than adopt the House bill, Reid said he prefers something “similar,” perhaps to give it a Democratic flavor. 
When Reid will schedule a Senate vote is unclear. 
Despite Reid’s desire for the Senate to be a graveyard for legislation in 2012, it’s bound to be a battleground in the presidential race. Last week, Senate Republicans sought to amend a transportation bill to force Obama to approve construction of the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast. 
It came close to passage. The amendment got 56 votes, 4 short of the 60 required. But the pipeline actually had 59 supporters. Two Republicans (John Thune, Mark Kirk) were absent for personal reasons, and one Democrat (Mark Warner) who favors the pipeline voted no, presumably at the president’s request. Obama, fearing embarrassment, lobbied to kill the bill.
What we have now is a President and Democrat leadership that put reelection as a top priority and if they cannot get the credit for a bill, then it will be defeated in the Senate.  What a way not to run the Government.  Time to send the Democrats leadership to the unemployment line in the Senate and take Obama with them.  This group has no interest in righting the ship unless it benefits them and their donors.
They’ll Have His Back 
What congressional Republicans will do for the GOP nominee.
Mar 19, 2012, Vol. 17, No. 26 • By FRED BARNES 
Jack Kemp, the Republican congressman from Buffalo, met with Ronald Reagan at the Airport Marriott in Los Angeles in early January 1980. Kemp, an enthusiastic supporter of supply-side economics, had authored the Kemp-Roth tax cut to reduce income tax rates by 30 percent across the board. He was eager to persuade Reagan, who had expressed sympathy for the tax proposal in radio broadcasts.
Photo of elephants marching in line
Everybody fall in line, now (NEWSCOM)
Kemp succeeded, and their alliance proved to be enormously fruitful. Reagan adopted the Kemp tax cut and economic growth as the centerpieces of his presidential bid. It led, after he won the nomination, to a united campaign with congressional Republicans—and to enactment of a 23 percent tax cut once Reagan was elected.

Now Republicans would like to revive party unity and repeat the Reagan-Kemp success story. House speaker John Boehner and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell are planning to confer with the Republican nominee, once one emerges. Their aim: agreement on a joint agenda. 
McConnell has specific ideas about what the presidential candidate and Republicans in both houses of Congress should promote. “Obamacare should be the number one issue in the campaign,” he says. “I think it’s the gift that keeps on giving. 
”Next are the deficit and national debt. These, in turn, would make entitlement and tax reform important issues against Obama. “We’re not interested in small ball,” McConnell says. 
And there’s another Republican initiative on Capitol Hill aimed at thwarting President Obama and Democrats. Republicans plan to keep up a steady stream of bills and proposals, mostly coming from the House, to foil the charge that Obama’s policies have been undercut by a “do-nothing Congress”—that is, a Republican Congress. 
There isn’t a do-nothing Con-gress,” a Republican consultant says. “There’s a do-nothing Senate.” Democrats control the Senate. Majority Leader Harry Reid has said he hopes to call a minimal number of votes this year. The Senate hasn’t passed a budget in three years. 
A third strategy reflecting Repub-lican unity would aid the victorious presidential candidate after the primaries end in late June and before the GOP convention in late August. This is a period in which the nominee, assuming there is one, is likely to be out of money, having exhausted his resources in winning the nomination. 
At least one independent political action committee, American Crossroads, is committed to taking up the slack and countering attacks by the Obama campaign on the Republican candidate. Other so-called super-PACs may join the effort with heavy buys of TV ads.
The White House has already implemented its do-nothing tactic by hiding instances of Republican cooperation. In August, Obama delivered a Rose Garden speech urging the re-authorization of funding for the Federal Aviation Administration. He was joined by AFL-CIO president Rich Trumka, who called it a jobs bill. 
Last month, Republicans and Democrats negotiated a long-term extension of FAA funding. After it passed the House and Senate with strong bipartisan majorities, one might have expected a signing ceremony at the White House for a bill whose importance had been touted in a Rose Garden speech. Instead, the press secretary merely issued a statement saying the measure had been signed privately.
Excerpt:  Read More at The Weekly Standard 
Most amazing part of this article is that the Republican leadership in the House and Senate have a plan for the 2012 election and are putting it into operation in this 2nd half of the session.  For many years we have thought that the Republican leadership has been too quick to join in growing Government but looks like those days are coming to an end as they put American workers first not with handouts but a path to jobs by loosening regulations.  Would be willing to bet if more regulations were loosened or done away with, our economy would make a real turn around.

If we took one agency at a time to do away with unnecessary regulations and bullying, my first nominee would be the EPA as they are the leader in killing jobs and costing industry and the states billions of dollars since they were established.  Republicans believe in clean air and water along with conserving what our forefathers left us.  We do not believe in putting a spider or a Salamander that buries down into the mud during times of drought over people.  That is ridiculous.  Every time cities reach the goals for clean out or water, the EPA comes along and makes the rules harder to reach and more expensive.

EPA needs reigned in and be put back under a cabinet secretary.  All of their rules affecting our states should be approved by Congress not mandated by the EPA or the President.  The time for mandates by the Federal Government needs to stop.  Executive Orders have gotten out of control as well as regulations.  Just like some companies have gotten too big, there are agencies of the Federal Governor that are so large they have no clue what others in their agency are doing.  Do away with duplication to also save money.  It can happen with the right leadership.

Democrats have shown their leadership increases the national deficit at a record pace so time to give Republicans another shot at the Senate as it seems they have finally learned from their mistakes that growing Government is not the way to prosperity.  We need some more conservatives elected to the Senate not a big Government Democrat like former Senator Kerrey from NE who is out of touch with his own state.

This is a great first step by the Republican leadership of the House and Senate and we hope to see much more in the days ahead.

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