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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Word From On High: Shut Up About Romney but Support him in November

This is one conservative who refuses to sit down and shut up about Romney.  I will not be bullied into keeping quiet so it is a waste of anyone's time.  Have been saying that for weeks and looks like I am not alone because when I found the video of Romney from ten years ago running away from Reagan and Republicans which I posted below, I also found this article which details what many of us have been told on our own sites and on sites where we have been posting for years which is to sit down, shut up, and support Romney in November.  The arrogance coming out of the Romney camp and the elite establishment in this election knows no bounds.

 Romney wouldn't be this far in the election if Obama was not the President.  The Koch Brothers/Crossroads controlled RNC keeps putting out how we must beat Obama or basically the world we know is coming to an end.  Scare tactics are not working well as witnessed by the primaries.  When it is Republican voters in more conservative areas, Romney cannot get to first base.  His biggest wins are in the same places that are Obama strongholds and yet the powers at be think he can win?

Romney himself said he is not worried about conservatives because they will be there to vote for him in November.  That is extremely arrogant especially after 2008 when many conservatives said that was the last time they would vote for a candidate they didn't like.  Looks like I am not the only one seeing the "Shut up About Romney" from the Elites, Romney supporters, and Pundits:
The Word From On High: Shut Up About Romney
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He Wants Us To Shut Up 
This is what is being pushed today in conservative media. At first, I thought it was just me receiving emails urging me to begin rallying around Romney “for the good of the party” and “for the good of the country.” Apparently, I’m not alone, and apparently, Mark Levin is receiving such emails too. I thank those of you who sent me such emails, but I’ll give you my answer here, in the open: I have deleted your emails with extreme prejudice. (That means that I deleted them, then undeleted them, and deleted them AGAIN…just for fun.) I actually printed one out that had been particularly annoying, and deleted it with a match. 
The Romney Campaign does not pick the nominee on this blog. Don’t email me as an activist for the Romney campaign, urging me to stop talking about Romney. I’m going to talk about Romney’s extensive failings until he wins or loses. I’m going to remind my readers of the truth about this candidate. While a blog is like an “etch-a-sketch,” or like Mitt Romney(apparently the same,) I am not. Conservatives don’t give up or give over that easily, and I’ll be damned before I’ll be prodded into it. 
Even tonight on the promo for the 8pm-er (Bill O’Reilly,) he was hollering about “stop[ping] this stuff.” I see. When Mitt’s campaign staffer came out and shoved both hooves down his own throat on CNN yesterday, we should ignore it, get beyond it, and stop talking about it, but when Newt Gingrich said two words about Mitt Romney’s activities at Bain Capital, we should pile on for weeks on end. Or, when Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife is trotted out to slam him by ABC News, we should talk about it for weeks on end. When Rick Santorum mentions the evils of pornography as an aside, that should dominate the headlines and stories for weeks. When Mitt Romney runs ads accusing his rivals of being less than conservative, while claiming he is, we should ignore Eric Fehrnstrom’s remarks to CNN. I see… 
Well, I don’t see! I don’t see why Mitt Romney is somehow exempt, or why it is that the flubs and foibles of his campaign should be ignored, while his own operatives in media spend time hammering away on his opponents. You Romney flacks(and I don’t here mean average Romney supporters, I mean his activist set) are full of yourselves lately, and it’s getting out of control, and there’s a reason your candidate’s negatives are on the steep incline: Your candidate has been repeatedly exposed as non-conservative, and yesterday’s remarks by Fehrnstrom are merely confirmations of what we’ve known. 
It’s time to deal with reality. The conservative base of the Republican party doesn’t want another establishment candidate. They may be divided over which of the others should be the anti-Mitt, but they’re sure it shouldn’t be him. The reason is simple, and despite the cajoling, I’m not going away, and I’m not going to forget. I’m going to remind my readers every time it strikes me to do so that Mitt Romney is fatally flawed. Today, Barack Obama provided an example of what he’s going to do to Romney over health-care, and it’s why Romney will abandon the issue of Obamacare come the Fall campaign. 
Get ready for it. Get ready for it to be the issue Romney avoids like the plague, and Obama is already testing the waters of his campaign on that basis. (More on that later.) The thing to realize is that the Romney campaign and all of its myriad establishment surrogates are making a big push to kill this process off before they get to the states in which he’ll be weak. More, the Etch-a-Sketch remark is doing substantial damage because it taps into what many conservatives worried about Romney from the outset: He’s ideologically flimsy at best, and I would argue simply vacuous. While none of the writers who contacted me on Thursday on Romney’s behalf admitted or purported to be part of the Romney official campaign, I noticed none of them were subscribers to this blog either. That’s the giveaway, along with the very narrow window in which all the emails arrived. 
Conservatives shouldn’t permit themselves to be bullied by the Romney campaign. You can bet I won’t. 
Source:  http://markamerica.com/2012/03/23/the-word-from-on-high-shut-up-about-romney/
This person is saying what a lot of us have been saying.  The idea that we are asked to shut up about the truth on Romney so he can win the nomination is ludicrous.  When did the powers at be in the Republican Party become Democrat lite?

We are at a crossroads in this election when it comes to whether conservatives will stay with the Republican Party when it is fast leaving many of us and fight for control or will decide it is time to leave the Party to the moderate to liberal Republicans and move on to form a new Conservative Party that actually has core values.  The jury is out but if I was betting, I would say the outcry from this primary is only going to get worse as time goes by and chances of conservatives finally having had it is only going to grow.  When a candidate does all the 'scorched earth' against fellow candidates, don't expect their supporters to fall in line for Romney because it is not going to happen.

What I find the most irritating is that the powers at be are telling voters in reliably red states to sit down and shut up about Romney while blue states who went Democrat in 2008 choose our nominee.  What kind of Republican Party is that?  

Maybe the idea for a bumperstrip by one of my friends is correct:  Republicans for Johnson.  I can actually see myself supporting former NM Governor Gary Johnson who was a Republican until the powers at be took him out and treated him like trash.  Kind of like they are doing to the grassroots as well.  BTW, those Tea Party people you heard about in IL that support Romney, willing to bet they are not the conservative Tea Party members.  Then we have the conservative media who has not been an honest broker in this primary except for a few like Mark Levin who will not be silenced.

Stay tuned as this primary is not over and all of us who do not support Romney are NOT shutting up!

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