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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Would Liberal Elizabeth Warren be California's Third Senator?

Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) is running for a full term as the Massachusetts Senator after winning the special election following the death of Senator Ted Kennedy and shocking the political world.

After a huge rush of optimism that Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy would end Scott Brown’s hold on his US Senate seat, Democratic insiders and activists are awakening to a new political reality, driven by a series of recent polls and Brown’s success these past few months in crafting an independent bipartisan image. 
The campaign’s reshaped landscape, which appears to have shifted in Brown’s favor, has created a quiet buzz among some in the party that Warren, despite her incredible burst onto the Massachusetts electoral map last fall, has hit some strong headwinds and will need to recapture the excitement that lit up the Bay State’s political world when she entered the race in September.
Wonder if it is the fact that more details are coming out on Warren that she was overlooked to head the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Agency due to opposition of the Republicans but also some Democrats:
Obama, while often publicly praising Warren, was never committed to nominating her as head of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, people familiar with the internal decision-making process said. There were a variety of factors holding her up, from the administration's perception that she was prone to speaking her mind publicly -- even if her position contrasted with that of the administration’s -- to the intense opposition she generated from Democrats and Republicans in Congress, and from certain parts of the financial services industry.
Is it possible that this former Harvard Law Professor is too liberal for the electorate of Massachusetts?  Some in Hollywood don't think so but what about the voters in MA who think that Scott Brown has done a very good job for them and don't want someone who is to the left of Pelosi which is hard to do.

Elizabeth Warren: California’s Third Senator?
Published on March 09, 2012  
Liberal darling Elizabeth Warren has had in impressive fundraising haul in her race for Massachusetts Senate. But an astute reader of her FEC reports will note something intriguing: roughly 20% of those dollars have come from California. 
Why so many dollars from California? She’s become a political star among Hollywood activists, earning the praise – and often dollars – of quite a few celebrities. Her roster of supporters reads like the guest list at the Oscars:
If the scholarly Ms. Warren seems a less likely idol for Democratic activists in Hollywood, think again. Last fall, in a statement to Politico, Ms. Streisand, who contributed $2,500 in September, described Ms. Warren as the “one new, consistent and strong voice that has broken through the oftentimes murky and ineffectual cacophony about the economic problems facing our nation.” Danny DeVito last month posted a link to a Warren speech on Twitter, where Cher has also posted enthusiastically about her: “Elizabeth Warren is my hero!” she posted in December. “Love u E.” …
Other donors from the entertainment industry include Mr. DeVito ($2,500), his wife, Rhea Perlman ($2,500), the studio executive Jeffrey Katzenberg ($2,500), the musician Herb Alpert ($2,500), the comedian Garry Shandling ($1,000), and the actress Lily Tomlin ($250). Cher has not yet written a check, but says she is planning to soon.
Check out this video by the Massachusetts GOP on Elizabeth Warren’s close ties to Hollywood elites:

Source:  Conservative Intel
Scott Brown has been like a breath of fresh air from Massachusetts who is willing to work across the aisle if it is something he believes benefits Americans.  One thing that stands out about Senator Brown is his  steadfast support for the members of the military which IMHO is very much of a priority.  As veterans return from the Gulf in large number overwhelming the VA system, they need someone like Scott Brown in the Senate who is an advocate for veterans getting the benefits they deserve.

If Scott Brown was running in Oklahoma, I would be one of those supporting his campaign because of his integrity and honesty which are rare in a lot of politicians today.  Brown is willing to listen to all sides which is is missing in much of Congress or in the State Houses by a lot of elected representatives.  There is no better example then when liberal Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House and dictator. It was never more evident than with Obamacare when she issued this famous statement:
Pelosi: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”
It is important to remember the times that legislation was also rammed through the Senate with rule changes under Harry Reid.  

It is important to return civility to the Senate and for that to happen the old guard Democrat leadership has to go like Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer.  They need to lose their positions as leadership of the majority and be relegated to minority status once again.  The experiment with the Democrats leading the House under the extreme liberal Nancy Pelosi came to an end in 2010 and now it is time to send Reid, Schumer and other very liberal members of the Senate leadership to minority status in 2012. 

Scott Brown IMHO is reminiscent of Senator Sam Nunn from Georgia who was a Democrat but someone I respected greatly in the Senate as he worked across the aisle many times for our military.  President Reagan would have had a hard time with today's Democrats like Reid and Pelosi compared to the Democrats who were in charge when he was President.  In the days of Reagan, they listened, fought like cats and dogs on the floor of the Senate, and then would go out to eat together for dinner.  They worked with President Reagan to get the Country back on track.  Did civility end when Clinton was elected?

Elizabeth Warren would be as bad as Pelosi or Boxer if elected IMHO.  That is the last thing we need is another far leftist in the Senate who cannot be reasoned with if it is anything outside of their ideology which is closer to socialism then mainstream.  When Warren could not get the backing of Obama to become Chair of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Agency, then suspicions are aroused that she is running for Senate because Obama wants her out of the White House.  If she too far to the left even for Obama?

There is only one choice for Massachusetts voters and that is to reelect Scott Brown who truly represents the whole state not just the liberals on Beacon Hill.  The people in small town Massachusetts have a voice with Brown they don't have with the elitist John Kerry (D-MA) as their other Senator.  Time to roll up the sleeves and open the checkbook to get Senator Scott Brown reelected to the US Senate.

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