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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Iron Chef Special Used Ringers, Not Veggies From The White House Garden

Let's get this straight. The Food Network gets huge ratings from their special on using vegies from the White House Garden in a cook-off never telling the viewers these are not veggies from the White House. Following the revelation these were stunt double vegies, the White House spokesman says the food the chefs picked was given to soup kitchens. Both the Food Network and the White House missed the point -- they lied about the origin of the vegetables they were using on the Food Network show or in Democrat terms they used "spin" to describe the stunt double vegies.

Were we supposed to act surprised because Flay who teamed with the White House Chef won the competition? No way was anyone other then the WH Chief going to win -- that would have been one bet we would have taken before the competition began.

Even the Food Network has risked their credibility now for the Obamas. Amazing what the cable networks will do to get inside the White House although we think using stunt double vegies may be the funniest.

Looks like a PR stunt to us featuring Michelle Obama and the White House garden. We found these two gems at the Wall Street Journal:

Her royal fabness announces the secret ingredient is “anything from the White House garden.” Yeah, that’s rough. Switch to shots of eggplant, beans, thyme and kohlrabi. Well, if one of them can explain how to use kohlrabi, bring it. She tells them not to ignore sweet potatoes, because the first family is all about the orange spuds.


The winner is Flay and Comerford by five points. Which is no shock whatsoever because no one is going to diss Michelle Obama and her spinach Popeye arms. But if the goal is to showcase veggies in a healthy environment, maybe next time they should nix the deep fryer, cheese sauces and remoulades and go for a little stir-fry. Haute cuisine, all.
What else has the Food Network put on the air that is not exactly the truth? This should backfire on Flay and the Food Network, but we doubt it ever makes the mainstream media who continue to cover for the Obamas.

As for the Obama White House, we expect nothing less then spin no matter the topic including everything to do with Michelle being out working in the garden.

We do admit that this gave us a chuckle for this morning when we read the Lynn Sweet article.

Iron Chef Special Used Ringers, Not Veggies From The White House Garden

The produce used on the Food Network's Jan. 3 Iron Chef of America two-hour special White House show was billed as being from the White House garden. But the show did not disclose that "stunt double vegetables" were used and not produce from the First Family's garden.
The much ballyhooed show featured a cameo by First Lady Michelle Obama who invited the chefs to pick what they needed from the White House garden in the opening scenes. Mrs. Obama agreed to appear --and give the show access to the garden -- because the episode promoted her healthy eating themes and the garden, her signature first-year project. Iron Chef also reaches an audience that would be interested in Mrs. Obama's local food, anti-obesity and exercise agenda.
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The cook-off featured White House executive chef Cristeta Comerford and star chefs Bobby Flay, Mario Batali and Emeril Lagasse. At the top of the show the chefs were greeted by Mrs. Obama who invites them to harvest what they needed from the White House garden in order to complete their challenge of preparing five "ultimate American" dishes using fresh and local ingredients. Comerford, teamed with Flay won the competition. Click play below to watch a segment from the start of the show (Michelle Obama's entrance at 1:30).

Excerpt: Read More at Politics Daily by Lynn Sweet

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