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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Buzz Feed: Here's Romney's Plan to Take Out Santorum

Someone would be wise to advise Romney that his 'scorched earth' strategy is not going to work any more.  Just because it worked in Florida due to a lot of absentee ballots already being cast when he started his 'scorched earth' strategy against Gingrich, doesn't mean that voters won't penalize him this time.  I have heard people from Super Tuesday states say they would never vote for him after what he did in Florida to Gingrich which is even more telling when you know they are not Gingrich supporters.

Knew all along that the Romney camp was behind the vicious attacks on Governor Perry both during the debates with Michelle Bachmann being the attack dog against Perry and with dropped stories.  The rock incident story that Hermain Cain used to say he would never support Perry was a phony story and when the truth came out, Cain never apologized.  Doesn't say much for Cain not to check it out but says even more about the disgusting tactics of the Romney camp along with Karl Rove with his surrogates.  Rove has been around too long for people not to see his fingerprints on a lot of this.  After all he got Romney to endorse Kay Bailey against Perry for Governor of Texas in 2010.  Cain felt out you don't make a deal with the devil when he started getting popular, that Romney group took him out.  The establishment stepped in it this time with now having an out of control candidate who will lie, cheat, and steal to win and take out everyone in his path.
Mitt Romney's campaign — and its slashing Super PAC — are locking their sights on Rick Santorum for a campaign that may make previous attacks on Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich look like mere love taps. 
It is my belief that this time with the Romney and his PACs 'scorched earth' policy against Rick Santorum, Romney will pay dearly at the polls in future Republican primaries.  This most likely outcome will lead to his losing the nomination or a brokered convention where he will never win.  If he becomes the nominee, Romney will lose to Obama.  Conservatives will NEVER forgive him for using his 'scorched earth' against fellow Republicans. No matter how hard the RNC, who is partly responsible for the Romney fiasco, tells us we have to vote for Romney over Obama, it will not work this time on a large portion of Conservative Republicans including this one.  RNC has blown their credibility and shown just how weak the RNC Chair has become since he is a puppet of the establishment who support Romney.

Will Romney 'scorched earth' work with Santorum?  
Here's Romney's Plan To Take Out Santorum
A brutal, two-front attack from the campaign and the SuperPAC. “The expectation is that Santorum, just given his personality, is going to whine like crazy,” said a Romney advisor 

Santorum at the Conservative Political Action Conference last week. (Getty Images / MANDEL NGAN) 
Mitt Romney's campaign — and its slashing Super PAC — are locking their sights on Rick Santorum for a campaign that may make previous attacks on Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich look like mere love taps. 
In an interview with BuzzFeed, a Romney advisor offered details of the campaign's coming two-front attack, which the campaign expects will be echoed by the Super PAC, which cannot legally coordinate its message, but which has already bought hundreds of thousands of dollars of airtime in key states. 
"Santorum’s a blank slate, so everyone’s projecting on to him what they want because he’s the last anti-Romney," said the advisor. "Santorum is going to get introduced to people that don’t know him." 
The Pennsylvania Republican will "be defined by two things," the advisor said. 
The first is a comparison to Barack Obama: "He's never run anything," said the advisor. The Pennyslvanian's experience is limited to roles as a legislator and legislative staffer. "The biggest thing he ever ran is his Senate office," he said. 
The second is a challenge to Santorum's Washington experience. 
"They’re going to hit him very hard on earmarks, lobbying, voting to raise the federal debt limit five times," said the advisor. "The story of Santorum is going to be told over the next few weeks in a big way." 
Romney, who allowed Restore our Future to do his negative work in Iowa, has long since given up any apparent worry that voters will react badly to negativity, and complains of unfair attacks don't seem likely to deter him here. 
"The expectation is that Santorum, just given his personality, is going to whine like crazy about this," the advisor laughed. 
Source:  Buzz Feed (link obtained from Hot Air)
Arrogance goes before a fall and there is no one including Obama who is more arrogant than Mitt Romney.  If he thinks that his 'scorched earth' policy is going to work, he better think again because most conservatives I know have had it with the 'severely' conservative Romney who is a bigger flip flopper than John Kerry which didn't think was possible.

Did something I said I wasn't going to do after reading this article, I made a donation to Rick Santorum.  I had vowed to close my checkbook to GOP candidates for President, but I saw 'red' when I read this article that includes the flippant attitude of his consultants which I can believe as they have zero integrity which matches my opinion of their candidate.

The Mormon church members can bully all they want as they campaign for him across the net or in our communities telling non-Romney supporters not to criticize Romney while they attack Santorum now.  His paid hacks are not winning support for Romney but making those of us who supported other candidates jump on board with Rick Santorum and defend him on the net and in our communities.  No one is going to bully us into supporting Romney -- not happening! 

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