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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Standard: Debate Reax, Pravda Edition

The Romney camp never ceases to amaze me how they have gotten their surrogates to peddle the Romney line which makes them look really stupid.  The latest are former Senators Bob Dole (R-IA) and Jim Talent (R-MO).  It is nothing short of amazing what the Romney camp will do to push their candidate.  This is unlike any political campaign I have ever seen.  How many key staffers are Mormon is what I keep getting asked by people I know.  I don't have a clue but I do know the media people inside Romney campaign are annoying at best with their emails.

Looks like the Weekly Standard is in agreement with this article which actually made me chuckle.  Agree with everything they had to say:
Debate Reax, Pravda Edition

11:01 AM, Feb 23, 2012 • By JONATHAN V. LAST 
Mitt Romney had a good night at the debate in Mesa last night. But after the debate (as well as during) the Romney campaign flooded the press with the kind of emails that make the candidate so hard to love.

 One email release, for instance, was slugged, "Michigan Leaders Agree: Romney Won Tonight's Debate." There followed eight one-paragraph testimonials to Romney's victoriousness from Michigan politicos. But here's the thing: These weren't objective reactions from people who happened to see the debate—all of these men have already endorsed Romney. So of course Romney's surrogates are going to say that the candidate did well.
Now look: There's nothing wrong with having surrogates shill for a candidate—that's why God made them! What's weird is the campaign packaging their statements like they would clippings of newspaper editorial boards. It's kind of Pravda-ish. 
Another email release carried a statement from Romney surrogate Bob Dole. Like the Michigan Leaders, Dole thought that Romney had a very good night. But he went further, attacking Gingrich and Santorum as "Washington insiders." 
Which is certainly true. But few men have ever been "Washington insiders" to the degree Sen. Dole was. Which leaves you with one of two conclusions: Either being a Washington insider isn't such a bad thing, or, if it is a very bad thing, then we can't trust anything Sen. Dole says, either. 
It's like rolling out Jim Talent to criticize Santorum for voting the same way Talent did. The cognitive dissonance it creates is remarkable. 
Source:  Weekly Standard

When the Weekly Standard starts writing things like this, a candidate is in real trouble.  People don't like to be bullied by receiving press releases over and over again to try and sell the candidate.  This sentence from the article was very telling:
What's weird is the campaign packaging their statements like they would clippings of newspaper editorial boards. It's kind of Pravda-ish. 
That one sentence stings Romney and his campaign big time and shows a lot of conservatives are frankly very fed up with Romney and his tactics.  Their chief tactic is to bully you into believing he is the only candidate that can beat Obama.  It is not working and in fact it is having the opposite effect as more and more people are totally fed up with Romney.  Facts don't matter as it is the narrative they want to present about their candidate which a lot of conservatives are seeing right through the facade of Romney.

Try and get off the Romney email list that you never signed up to receive the emails.  It is almost impossible.  How they got my personal email is anyone's guess.  The Romney campaign is tone deaf to they think sending emails to people who never signed up for their campaign is going to get them supporters.  That thinking could not be farther from the truth as everyone I have talked to who has had it happen is annoyed.  Most of us in the conservative ranks wouldn't walk across the street to see Romney.

Have never seen supporters of a candidate stretch the truth about their candidate that can be easily refuted with sourced info.  It is like the Romney supporters are paid to post, given their talking points, and no matter what you say in return, they come back with the same words time after time.  The reason I think they are paid because I cannot see anyone doing this for free as they look like robots for Romney the way they post the same thing over and over again.  Now we know where they are getting it as the Romney campaign media types send out all these emails after the debate pushing Romney.  Same mentality at play with the posters and inside the campaign media types.

I am guessing that the emails sent out to places like the Weekly Standard didn't talk about Romney refusing to answer a simple question.  Any candidate who refuses to answer a question at the debate doesn't deserve any of our votes.  What would Romney do as President at a news conference, get mad and storm off refusing to answer questions?

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