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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Godfather: Elections Between One Candidate?

We are seeing a pattern developing here -- where Romney wins we have voter fraud which is obvious and is being documented.  In Iowa we had missing ballot boxes and no one was allowed to see the final count from each caucus which led to the GOP Chair resigning.  In NH there were all sorts of irregularities including dead people voting.  Then in Florida the rumors are rampant that the absentee ballots the South Florida high rise residents sent in to vote.  The Romney team concentrated their work for absentee ballots in these high rises and once again they end up on the side of voter fraud with people being registered in FL and NY/New England.  Imagine that -- South Florida has voter fraud this time in the Republican primary.  The Romney Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi who has agreed to be on his healthcare task force that will mandate healthcare in every state has no interest in voter fraud according to a source in Palm Beach County.  Same source told me that Mormons were busy getting out voters out for Romney in nursing homes and other Democrat strongholds for fraudulent votes.  Now we have Nevada:
And why does the Nevada GOP refuse to release the full and detailed vote count, precinct by precinct? Could it be because then the caucus-goers at every precinct will be able to see that the numbers are incorrect? 
Figured Nevada was going to be rigged but they were really stupid the way they handled everything.  Did they think the Paul people would stay silent?

In South Carolina where Newt won, haven't heard much about voter fraud from there.  The most telling comes from Colorado where it didn't take a genius to see that the two big conservative counties, El Paso (Colorado Springs) and Weld (Greeley) waited to come in after Denver, Boulder, and the Mormon counties of the NW along with the liberal mountain communities of Aspen and others.  The networks were not calling Colorado until the GOP Chair called it as he knew that the counties left were going to Santorum.  Last time Ken Buck of Greeley lost the Senate race due to Denver vote fraud so no way were they going to report from Weld or El Paso until Denver came in after Boulder.  I sat here and laughed -- they finally figured out they were not going to allow Denver and the rest of the places where voter fraud has happened do it again.  The people of CO took a page out of the NM GOP playbook not to report until last so the Dems could not manufacture the votes they needed to win.  This time it was the Romney people.  No reports of voter fraud I can find out of Missouri and Minnesota both states won handily by Santorum.

Do you see a pattern here?  Are we accusing some Republicans of voter fraud for Romney?  Yes after what we have been seeing so far -- Nevada really spotlighted the fraud with the long, drawn out vote count to get Romney to 50% and now they won't release the results by precinct.  Time for the NV GOP Chair to resign along with FL.  I am strong believer if there is voter fraud in a state that the GOP Chair of that state should resign because it happened under their watch.

Now we are learning about the Newsmax article that reported the outcome of Nevada before it happened.  Who dropped the story at Newsmax?  Someone from Rove's Crossroads or did it come from the Romney camp?  Maybe it was the RNC who is in the tank for Romney.  Hopefully someone will get to the bottom of this, but we are not holding our breath because right now it looks like the Romney camp has underhanded people just like the Democrats when it comes to fraudulent voting.  Some of the Romney people from 2008 were very underhanded and little to no ethics -- now they are part of Romney 2012.  Wouldn't put anything passed those CA consultants except being honest and above board.
Elections Between One Candidate?
posted on February 8, 2012 by Bojidar Marinov
The photo on the right shows an announcement by the rector of the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University to the students. The first sentence reads:

Dear students,
On March 4, 2012 we will have elections for the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. . . . 
Hmmm. As of now, Putin is only the Prime Minister of Russia. He is one of the candidates for President in the next elections. There are others as well. The elections are about a month away.
But the rector knows who the elections are for. 
One of the FB comments in Russian under the photo said, with the typical dark humor born and refined in the years of Communism: “If you are electing another person, you are not voting in the same elections, apparently.” 
Ha ha. Funny, right? These things happen in Russia. They know in advance who is going to win.
Not only in Russia. Here in the US too.
For example, Newsmax knew 2 days in advance that Romney will win the Nevada caucuses
The article was published online on February 2, and then pulled out quickly. Then it was republished 2 days later under a new date. Even with the changed date, the time of the article, 8:40pm in Florida (6:40pm in Nevada), makes it impossible for anyone to know if Romney won. (The first results started coming at 7pm.) 
The article claims that the caucus in Nevada was “quiet.” But there was nothing quiet about it in reality. The article mentions nothing about the broadcasted vote count at the Adelson precinct in Clark County. While it says that Romney won (past tense), the article gives no specific numbers. Also, when it lists the number of delegates each of the candidates has so far, the number given to Ron Paul is 4. A very serious mistake. (Ron Paul won 7 delegates in Iowa, and 3 in New Hampshire.) 
In reality, what Newsmax did was no different from the announcement of the Russian rector above: “In two days, the Nevada GOP will be voting for the candidate for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. If you are voting for another person, you are not participating in the same caucus.” Typical Communist tactics. Newsmax should change its name to News Marx. 
One question remains: How did they know? How did Newsmax know that Romney will win, 2 days in advance? How did CNN and FOX News know that Romney was the winner when the screen was showing that only 4% percent of the votes were counted? 
Apparently, the GOP leadership wants us to elect between one candidate; just as it was in the Soviet Union. The caucus is just for the show; in reality, it is what the Party decides.
But the GOP misses the fact that this is not 1932, and this is not the USSR. And we have Internet now. Times have changed, and “business as usual” can’t fly anymore.

Excerpt:  Read more: Elections Between One Candidate? http://godfatherpolitics.com/3595/elections-between-one-candidate/#ixzz1lv3vqqO4
After Herman Cain's campaign manager was found guilty of vote suppression in Wisconsin and banned from campaigns for three years, nothing would be a shock about voter fraud in the GOP as same as voter fraud by ACORN and the Democrats.  It is a sad commentary on this Country that we actually send out observers to 3rd World countries to observe their election.  Maybe they should be sending observers to the US since voter fraud is out of control.  Just ask Hillary how the Obama camp frauded their caucus' in 2008.

We believe that the people running and/or supporting the Romney campaign will lie, cheat, and steal to win the nomination for Romney.  Yet they wonder why most rank and file conservatives are not supporting Romney.   They must have their head buried in the sand not to believe that Conservatives do not want Obama lite as their candidate.  We want a candidate that is opposite of Obama on almost all issues.  Romney's latest to make the minimum wage automatic shows he doesn't have a clue how conservatives think and neither do his advisers.  That is what you get when you have a candidate who is a northeastern liberal running for the Republican nomination.  

Just think in the general election, we could have competing vote fraud if Romney was the nominee versus Obama.  Wouldn't give you two cents for either candidate when it comes to honesty.

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