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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mitt Romney, Loose Cannon

This is the best article I have seen to date to describe what conservatives are seeing with Mitt Romney.  If you have ever attended one of his events, you can tell he is not comfortable talking to regular people but extremely comfortable around the major donors.  Is the reason for USSS protection to keep the ordinary citizens at arm's length?  Wish I could say that was my idea but I have seen and heard in on Twitter and other places.

There are people with money who see in the grocery or out shopping and they dress and act like ordinary people.  They are friendly, give of themselves and money to the community, and are the type of person you wouldn't mind to have for your next door neighbor.  Romney doesn't fit that mold.  I have seen it in person and the gaffe's prove the fact he is not comfortable being who he is.  That happens when he pretends to be something he is not like pretending to be a conservative when he is a moderate to liberal.  You can see right through the facade and why he doesn't relate well to a lot of conservatives.

Can you see Romney out clearing land and chopping wood like President GW Bush used to do at his ranch in Crawford, TX?  Romney would be as comfortable in Waco as some of the east coast liberal media with their noses in the air about Waco and Crawford who whined every time they had to make a visit.  Thought it was hilarious to hear the whine.

Compare Romney to say Jeb Bush -- both come from establishment families with money but Jeb Bush could move in next door and he would make you feel like he has known you for a long time.  Jeb is likable, friendly,  not arrogant, efficient and Florida voters like him as they knew he was working for them.  Romney is the type to build a 12' fence around his home next to his neighbor, is not a friendly person although he tries to be, and would have gotten beat if he ran for a second term as Governor as his approval numbers were in the 30's.

Read this article and ask yourself why the establishment types thought he would be a good candidate for the Republican Party which leans right:
Mitt Romney, Loose Cannon 
posted at 10:17 am on February 2, 2012 by
Newt Gingrich is easily branded as a loose cannon. Indeed, I’ve done it, because it’s true. However, frontrunner Mitt Romney is far from immune from self-destructive gaffes:
Obsessive attention to detail suffuses Mitt Romney’s candidacy for president, from the number of times staff members check the microphones at his rallies to their relentless scouring of Twitter. 
But Mr. Romney’s aides cannot always bring that well-known level of discipline to one crucial aspect of the campaign: their candidate’s seemingly endless ability to utter remarks that, to the delight of his critics, sail onto political blogs, YouTube and Twitter.
Romney’s comment that “I’m not concerned about the very poor,” caused Jonah Goldberg to ask “What is wrong with this guy?” and to later answer that “as even he will admit, he’s a late arrival. And, as you might expect, he speaks conservatism as a second language.” 
It may be worse than that. As Goldberg also noted, “[t]he frustrating problem with Romney is that his flubs and gaffes either share liberal assumptions or are caricatures of conservative ones.” I would argue the problem is more specific. Romney’s gaffes are rooted in his wealth problem. He alternatively makes comments that feed the narrative of an out-of-touch fatcat or irritate the GOP base with faux populism designed to counter that narrative. Indeed, yesterday Romney said that he was not concerned about the very poor or the very rich, when his concern should be whatever benefits America without regard to class issues. Instead, his sensitivity to the wealth issue causes him to not only disregard the affluent and the poor rhetorically, but to produce a mediocre tax plan and to back indexing the minimum wage for inflation, which ironically hurts the poor. 
In short, Romney recognizes his wealth is a political liability and his attempts to address that liability often become an additional liability. His discomfort also feeds the perception that he is inauthentic. Unless he finds a personal comfort level with his wealth and its political implications, all of these problems will linger into the general election, where Team Obama will exploit them ruthlessly.   
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SJ Reidhead said...

The best part is watching his supporters begin their meltdown as they betray everything they believe, in order to support him.

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