"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Obama Lies about the Koch Brothers

Is Obama going to go after anyone who dares to cross him while he is running for President trying to bully them into remaining silent?  Not going to work with most people but picking on the Koch Brothers was just plain stupid if he thinks he can shut them up.  

In Obama's letter to supporters about the Koch Brothers he said they "make millions by jacking up prices at the pump" is an outright lie.  The Koch Brothers don't own gas stations.  They are part of the exploration and drilling process to get the oil to the refineries.

He has also crossed the line using the Office of the Presidency for his own political interest by refusing to approve the Keystone Pipeline by caving to the environmental base of his campaign.  He would rather cater to the people who would protect a spider over a human than do what is best for the Country.

To top things off, the Obama Stooge pretending to be a Press Secretary, Jay Carney, blames the cancellation of the Pipeline on Republicans?  Now that is reaching.  Carney is supposed to be the Press Secretary for the President not the Campaign but he has blurred his duties.  The pipeline would have brought Canadian oil to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast and increased our energy independence from dictators like Chavez in Venezuela. Looks like Obama couldn't have that happen to a dictator he wants as his friend.  Would Obama rather see the Canadian oil go to China?  Sure looks like that is the case.

Obama also doesn't seem to care about all the jobs he threw under the bus by canceling the pipeline.  Is it all about helping his friends and keeping the US energy dependent on foreign oil from dictators and the Muslims in the Middle East?  Has he cut a deal with Chavez and the Saudi's?

Koch Brothers have been pushing for new refineries but that is not likely to happen either with Obama's EPA.  Following the Horizon British Petroleum Gulf Oil Spill and the Obama Moratorium on drilling in the Gulf, it took until last March before permits started being approved at a rapid pace.  Today drilling in the Gulf is getting back to normal with more deep water drilling but why did it take so long?  Did Obama decide that since he was running for reelection he had better get drilling in the Gulf back up and running?  Don't think the man does anything unless he thinks it will benefit his reelection.  Believe Obama will sell out anyone to have four more years in the White House.

Obama trying to kill free speech of individuals and/or businesses like the Koch Brothers is just wrong and frankly Un-American.  Does Obama want those of us who oppose him to sit down and shut up?  Sure seems like it, but that is not going to happen in this election.  A lot of us who are not happy with our choices in the Republican Primary are even a lot less happy with Obama by a mile.

Very happy to see the Koch Brothers not standing down to Obama but firing back at him.  More Republicans need to follow their lead and call him out when he does something to try and get them to be quiet.  Obama has the vast majority of media on his side but he does not have a lot of the bloggers who get out the truth.  As nasty as our primary has been, I can see the general getting even nastier as Obama becomes the energizer bunny when he campaigns versus having to do the duties of the President where he turns into a couch potato.
Koch brothers fire back at Obama
2/25/12 11:24 AM EST

Oil magnates Charles and David Koch are firing back at President Obama's reelection campaign over a fundraising letter tying Mitt Romney to their business interests. 
In an open letter addressed to campaign manager Jim Messina, president of government & public affairs for Koch industries Philip Ellender accuses the Obama campaign of sending an "irresponsible and misleading letter" to supporters. 
"If the President’s campaign has some principled disagreement with the arguments we are making publicly about the staggering debt the President and previous administrations have imposed on the country, the regulations that are stifling business growth and innovation, the increasing intrusion of government into nearly every aspect of American life, we would be eager to hear them," Ellender writes. 
"But it is an abuse of the President’s position and does a disservice to our nation for the President and his campaign to criticize private citizens simply for the act of engaging in their constitutional right of free speech about important matters of public policy. The implication in that sort of attack is obvious: dare to criticize the President’s policies and you will be singled out and personally maligned by the President and his campaign in an effort to chill free speech and squelch dissent," he writes. 
"It is understandable that the President and his campaign may be 'tired of hearing' that many Americans would rather not see the president re-elected. However, the inference is that you would prefer that citizens who disagree with the President and his policies refrain from voicing their own viewpoint. Clearly, that’s not the way a free society should operate," the letter charges. 
In a letter that went out to supporters Friday, the Obama camapign said that the Koch brothers "make millions by jacking up prices at the pump, and who bankrolled Tea Party extremism, and committed $200 million to try to destroy President Obama before Election Day."
All are charges the Kochs denies. 
"For example, it is false that our 'business model is to make millions by jacking up prices at the pump.' Our business vision begins and ends with value creation — real, long-term value for customers and for society. We own no gasoline stations and the part of our business you allude to, oil and gas refining, actually lowers the price of gasoline by increasing supply," the Koch letter says. 
Source:  Politico


John said...

The writer appears clueless of the industries the Kochs are involved with. Sure they may not own gas stations but the prices those stations ultimately charge are heavily influenced by speculation and the charge for refining the oil. The Kochs as best as I can tell are tied to the hip of those. Be sure and read the Koch organization slides one by one that were obtained:axp kfaing

Sharon said...

You are right! I usually oppose the Koch Brothers as they have excerted way too much control in the Republican Party but I wanted to point out that the letter Obama sent out was wrong at least on that point of gas stations. Needs to get it right. We have gotten some really bad candidates because of their money in recent years.

Thanks for the link!

SJ Reidhead said...

That's my post today, about Koch speculation. Oil is something like $27 a barrel more because of speculation.

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