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(Thomas Jefferson)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PA GOP Attacks American War Hero's Senatorial Campaign

What has happened to the Republican Party that so many of us supported as Teenage Republicans and the years since working campaigns for Republican candidates and making sure we voted in all the elections?  This is another example of arrogance of a Governor and a State GOP Chair -- this time in Pennsylvania.  When reading the email this morning all I could think of was another corrupt GOP who gets behind a candidate, this one supported Obama, and freezes out every other candidate including using intimidation.  Is this coming from the Democrats who turned Republican and are now in charge?  Only thing that makes sense.

In this email below from several people involves a candidate in PA, Dave Christian, who is experiencing problems with PA GOP on who they will recognize as a Republican candidate.  Only the PA State Committee endorsed candidates are allowed to speak at GOP functions which I have never heard of before.  It is one of the five rules in a letter sent out that is linked.  I am stunned that is how they handle Republican candidates in PA.  Thanks to the person who had the nerve to forward this letter from PA GOP which I found hard to believe PA GOP is that much of a bully but there it is in black and white at the link above.  There would be an uproar if they tried that here in Oklahoma.  PA GOP has also threatened to challenge David Christian being on the ballot who is a war hero.  Why?  Are they afraid he might beat their fair haired candidate?  Below is the email which I received this morning about what is happening in PA:

From: constitutionalright@yahoo.com
To: constitutionalright@yahoo.com
Sent: 2/22/2012 2:50:18 A.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: Fw: PAGOP Attacks American War Hero's Senatorial Campaign/---HELP!


Read Mark's letter below and please help in any way you can. The campaign needs the same type of national movement that Scott Brown had in order for him to get ready for the primary April 24 and still pay for the legal fees that he will not have to face.

I will go a step further than Mark did in his letter. Not only did Welch say he supported Obama, he changed his registration from Republican to Democrat to vote for Obama and only changed back to Republican when he decided to run for the Senate.

The Governor forced an endorsement of Welch throwing around threats. Then it passed on to the PAGOP to shut other candidates down so they sent out a letter stating that no one but endorsed candidates could participate at GOP events. (See the letter for yourself. 

This needs to be stopped. The people of Pennsylvania deserve to know about all the candidates, not just the ones the establishment chooses.

This is the type of person we need in the Senate. David Christian is a military hero, an advocate for Veterans, and a Reagan conservative. Please check out his website and you will understand why the establishment is worried about him beating their endorsed one. www.davechristian.com

If you have facebook and twitter accts, you can follow him by clicking on those links on his website. If you have a radio show and would like to have someone discuss the PAGOP corruption, let me know and I will forward your information.

Hopefully Corbett was bluffing and the challenges were not filed today. Guess we will find out tomorrow.


Subject: PAGOP Attacks American War Hero's Senatorial Campaign/---HELP!
Importance: High
Valued Friends & Acquaintences:

The PA GOP (no principles---where have we seen that before)) are leaning on my PA guy Dave Christian. The GOP just threatened Dave's campaign in saying they will legally challenge his nominating petition to death to bleed his campaign dry and made threats on his volunteers (see article below). The PA gov, Corbett is backing a Dem turned GOP for this primary, Welch who publicly has stated he supported Obama. Corbett is playing ball because Welch is wealthy and possibly throwing money around.


As usual, the RINO's are going after the real conservative in the race. Help dammit, this is exactly what we are fighting for every single dammed day. If you can help and know other bloggers/media persons, let 'er rip and pass the article along, please!!

This man, Dave Christian was severely wounded several times on our battlefields. He received basketfuls of medals over the years including (2) silver stars and (2) medal of honor recommendations. The man put his fanny on the line for us. I plead with you to put some skin in the game for him.


Mark A. Falzon
President, Jersey Shore Tea Party
Vice President, Jersey Shore Tea Party
Tea Party Patriot State Coordinator, New Jersey

Subject: PAGOP Attacks American War Hero's Senatorial Campaign
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The Pennsylvania Republican State Committee is targeting the petitions of U.S. Senate candidate, David Christian, with the intention of knocking him off the ballot.
"Over the last two weeks our volunteers worked very hard to sign up Republicans interested in putting David Christian on the ballot for U.S. Senate. We followed the rules, operated within the parameters and received more than the necessary signatures to be on the ballot," said David Christian. "Now the same Republican Party I have worked so hard for, for decades has decided to target my campaign."

The Christian Campaign was notified over the weekend by numerous sources, including some state leaders, that the Republican State Committee had planned to file its challenges this Tuesday. The campaign expected all along to be challenged, because of Christian's strong support in Southeast Pennsylvania. It was alarmed to learn however, that strong arm tactics aimed at the intimidation of volunteer petition circulators were being used by the Bucks County Republican Committee. The Committee's Vice Chair, Pat Poprik, in a phone call, allegedly threatened the reputation and livelihood of a circulator, who has a longstanding and exemplary history of service within the county party.

"It's shameful. It's becoming evidently clear that Party insiders realized that they have made a serious mistake by endorsing an Obama supporter, who also supported one of the most liberal elected officials we have ever had in Congress." said Campaign Manager Skip Salvesen.

The David Christian for Senate campaign intends to fight the challenge.

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