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Friday, August 19, 2011

IBD Editorial Weighs in on Rove's Tactics toward Gov Perry

We were not going to post this but then I was reminded by a good friend that yesterday's articles came from The Daily Beast and we needed to show that a conservative site is also going after Rove.  IBD editorial fills that with their article last night.  This time Rove picked the wrong fight and frankly hope he is discredited for good.  It is time to stop the elitist establishment from trying to pick our candidates by using underhanded and unethical tactics to take out who they don't want.

The money quote of this article that Rove, Bush 41, Karen Hughes, and others loyal to Bush 41 behind the attacks on Perry with dirty tricks would be wise to read and then look at themselves in the mirror:
It also shows Rove and his friends in high places aren't putting party and country first.
That one sentence from an IBD Editorial says it all about Rove and the Bush 41 cabal.  They have put themselves ahead of everything as they attempt to play kingmaker once again in the Republican Party.  This time it is not going to work just like it didn't work with Kay Bailey in the Texas Governor's race primary last year.

What are they afraid of with Governor Perry?   Could it be that like President Reagan, that Perry would interrupt the agenda of Big Government types.  From the comments on many message boards, the Bush 41 cabal with Rove out in front trying to tank Perry is not playing well with conservatives. Does this group want four more years of Obama to make more money?  Is this what this is all about or are they concerned that Governor Perry would have a real energy policy for the United States to become self sufficient along with Canada?  That would cut off their good friends in Saudi.

Does Rove have any credibility left except for Fox News and the Wall Street Journal?  Liberals must love him for trying to take out Governor Perry as he launched his campaign.  Why does the Bush Family want Romney elected so bad?

Now going after Paul Ryan using Indiana Governor Daniels and Wisconsin Governor Walker makes no sense.  Paul Ryan has zero executive experience the same thing we went after Obama for not having.  At least Obama had run a statewide race -- Ryan hasn't even done that.  Would Rove be so underhanded to get Ryan to run to hurt Perry's numbers so Romney could win.  You can bet on that one and then he would offer Ryan the VP to get him to drop out.

Ryan is a family man with young children who has said he doesn't want to run but that doesn't stop Rove, Jeb Bush, and others from wanting him in the race.  Why would establishment Republicans want Ryan in the race -- he did support TARP but why else?  They should leave him alone and let him keep doing his job as Budget Chairman.  He is a policy wonk and doing a good job as Chairman -- is this actually more about getting him to step down as Budget Chairman?  I don't trust anything coming out of that bunch today -- not a thing.

Does Walker think that Rove is going to rush into rescue him if there is a recall since Walker did back off on Perry yesterday?  As for Daniels, I know people in Indiana who do not like him and cannot wait for a real conservative, Mike Pence, to become Governor.  Is Rove going to try to take him out as well?  Seems to be his aim to put moderates in office and take out conservatives.

IBD Editorial writers are also onto Karl Rove and his tactics against Perry:
But there is also an obvious resentment against Perry as a non-Ivy League upstart whose Tea Party principles might discredit the big spending of the Bush presidency with which Rove is so well associated. 
All the GOP candidates — Perry most certainly included — have yet to pass through the crucible of extended public scrutiny, but Perry's solid record as a jobs-generating governor could be the winning formula for 2012.  For Rove and other establishment Republicans to try to sabotage him on the heels of his announcement was a dream come true for the liberal-dominated media, who are only too happy to portray the GOP as disunited against Obama.
We thought this question from IBD says it all:
Is Karl Rove, architect of George W. Bush's victories in 2000 and 2004, trying to subvert the candidacy of another Texas, Governor Rick Perry?
Looks like Rove overstepped big time with his attempt to take out Governor Perry and then try to get others in the race to take him out.   This is unbelievably stupid for Rove to pull this crap and shows he puts Bush 41 and his cabal first over what is best for America.

To Governor Perry's credit he has not said a word, but that doesn't mean his supporters are going to sit idly by and allow Rove to try and pull this underhanded dropping of news articles, going on TV saying things that are in a grey area of the truth or generally being an unethical person but then that is nothing new going back to when he ran for College Republican Chair.  History speaks for itself.  This time it is not going to work but at least Rove has shown Republicans what he is all about -- conservatives with experience need not apply.
Perry Vs. Petty: A Fight That Republicans Can Do Without 
Posted 06:07 PM ET, August 18, 2011
Election '12: GOP consultant Karl Rove's provincial squabbles with Texas Gov. Rick Perry have no place in the national discourse. The Republican establishment had best set its eyes on the prize: defeating Obama. 
Perry's entry into the presidential sweepstakes certainly has livened things up, at a time when President Obama's popularity plunges and a shaky economy gets even shakier. One unpleasant surprise, however, is the reaction of some of Perry's fellow Republicans. 
Consider what's been happening in the race for the GOP nod. 
Rep. Michele Bachmann, the winner of last weekend's Iowa straw poll, has exceeded expectations as a hard-fighting, articulate ally of the Tea Party movement, mounting a credible challenge to the party establishment's favored candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Bachmann's rise shows that a lot of Americans don't think a garden variety Republican is what's needed to reverse Obama's radicalism. 
But to say it's tough for a member of the House of Representatives to be elected president is an understatement. It's happened only once in U.S. history, in 1880 after a deadlocked GOP convention took 36 ballots to nominate dark horse James Garfield, the Republicans' minority floor leader. 
Perry enters the scene as a savior of sorts — just as passionate against Obama's expansion of government as Bachmann but with over a decade of executive experience governing one of the nation's largest states. And it's a state whose private-sector job growth is exactly what suffering American workers need nationally. 
So why is it that, practically on cue, odd noises are coming from Republicans such as Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, whom Rove wanted to run for president, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who's been admirably taking on his state's public sector unions (with the help of hundreds of thousands of dollars of TV ads by Rove's Crossroads GPS group)? Daniels and Walker are reportedly pushing Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin to run for president, although Walker did laud Perry on Fox News Wednesday. 
We bow to no one in our admiration for Ryan, who has had the guts and smarts to propose detailed solutions to America's spending crisis. But like Bachmann, the 41-year-old House Budget Committee chairman has no executive experience. 
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What is Rove's game? The old Texas political hand and architect of the Bush 2000 and 2004 victories has been going out of his way to undermine Perry. For instance, after Perry said it would be "almost treasonous" for Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to print more money, the man who helped place a Texas cowboy in the White House told Fox News this week it made Perry sound like "he's a cowboy from Texas." 
Actually, it's about time someone took on the Fed on the national stage and its years of easy money that poisoned mortgages and wrecked the global economy. 
Last year, with Perry a successful governor for nearly a decade, Rove took the extraordinary step of actively helping Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison try to unseat him. Perry beat Hutchison in the GOP primary handily, 51% to 30%, then easily defeated the Democrat in November, 55% to 42%.
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