"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is Obama Systematically Destroying Oil Drilling in the Gulf in Favor of OPEC Oil?

The exodus of the gulf oil rigs has started with ten already gone to other parts of the world and more to follow all thanks to Obama and his Administrations regulations and moratorium that has crippled Gulf oil drilling.  Yet Obama wants to talk about creating jobs while he and his Administration are responsible for the loss of these jobs in the Gulf?  Looks like Obama only wants to create jobs he approves which means oil and gas is out in the cold.

It is more obvious by the day that Obama prefers for the United States to be dependent on foreign oil.  What hold does the Saudi Government have over Obama and his Administration.  First he bows to the Saudi King and then Obama uses the BP oil spill as an excuse to put a moratorium and new regulations on oil drilling in the Gulf so we are more dependent on the Saudi's.  In addition, Obama is blocking the building of the Keystone pipeline from Canada to Port Arthur, TX.  Who does that benefit?  Foreign oil sources from the Middle East including the Saudi's who do not want the United States to be self sufficient.  Why is this pipeline from Canada on hold by Obama when the supply of oil would be stable and the building of the pipeline would create 100,000 shovel ready jobs?  In fact, why are we not getting more of our oil from Canada our friendly neighbor to the north instead of the Middle East?  All questions reporters will not ask of this Administration.

This picture of Obama bowing to the Saudi King speaks 1,000 words of his support for the Saudi King which translates into the United States continuing to buy crude oil from Saudi and other OPEC countries over the United States becoming self-sufficient on oil and gas in cooperation with the Canadians.

People have asked me why I am such a huge supporter of Governor Rick and my first reason is that he understands better than any other candidate what the oil and gas states are going through because of all the federal regulations aimed at our states.  While other states sit idly by because it didn't pertain to them, Obama and his Administration are in the process of putting in new regulations on clean air that are going to affect any state who uses coal in their power plants.  Other states over the years have been content to sit back and let TX, OK, and LA being in the target zone of the EPA but now they are about to understand what we have been fighting over the years of over regulation of the EPA.   While other candidates could talk about the regulations (crickets chirping), Governor Perry lives it every day along with the rest of us in this part of the Country.

The jobs in oil and gas that Obama and this Administration are costing could go a long way toward helping the economy but then he would have to answer to his far left progressive base who despises domestic oil and gas production.  With his campaign for re-election already started, Obama is not about to open up the Gulf for a return to the number of rigs before the spill.  Obama has put politics over job creation but yet wants four more years?  Was the over hype of the BP Oil Spill so that Obama could shut down oil drilling in the Gulf along with his buddy from Colorado Salazar to appease his far left progressive base?  Sure looks like it.
Collateral Damage: Lost Gulf Rigs from Obama Obstructionism (10 down, more to go?)
by Kevin Mooney
August 18, 2011 
“The Gulf Spill of 2010 maybe be remembered as much or more for the economic damage it did because of the Obama’s regulatory overreaction than for the environmental damage it wrought. Two wrongs do not make a right.” 
Ten oil rigs have left the Gulf of Mexico since the Obama Administration imposed a moratorium on deepwater oil and gas drilling in May 2010 and others could follow soon, a detailed July 2011 report from Sen. David Vitter’s (R-La.) office shows. 
The ten rigs named in the document are: Marinas, Discover Americas, Ocean Endeavor, Ocean Confidence, Stena Forth, Clyde Bourdeaux, Ensco 8503, Deep Ocean Clarion, Discover Spirit, and Amirante. The rigs have left the Gulf for locations in Egypt, Congo, French Guiana, Liberia, Nigeria and Brazil. 
It gets worse. 
Several of the remaining rigs could be relocating soon, according to the report. These include the Paul Romano, the Ocean Monarch and the Saratoga. Moreover, eight other rigs that were planned for the Gulf have been detoured away, Don Briggs, President of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association (LOGA), points out. 
“When you have companies that would be spending hundreds of millions of dollars, or some cases, billions of dollars, they need certainty,” Briggs explained. “We don’t have that now and I don’t expect that we will anytime soon. We will be in a deteriorating position until this changes.” 
Briggs has also questioned the necessityof the moratorium that was imposed in response to the explosion of British Petroleum’s (BP) Macondo oil well on April 20 of last year. The accident resulted in the death of 11 workers and caused an estimated five million barrels of crude oil to spill into the Gulf. 
Sen. Vitter has called out top Obama administration officials for issuing what he views as conflicting and misleading statements on the correct number offshore drilling permits. A U.S. Justice Department motion filed in March stated there are 270 shallow water permit applications and 52 deepwater permit applications pending.  
But in testimony before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee this past March, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said the Interior Department had received only 47 shallow water permit applications over the previous nine months and that only seven deepwater permit applications were pending. Michael Bromwich, director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement, told Vitter personallythat only six deepwater permits were pending, and he publicly stated that deepwater permits would be limited because “only a handful of completed applications have been received.” 
“Since the moratorium, oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico has been dramatically curtailed,” Vitter said. “In 2011 alone, more than 300 offshore drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico are due to expire. If these leases are allowed to expire, they will revert to the federal government, killing jobs and cutting off potential revenue from exploration and production. The U.S. economy will greatly benefit by allowing the offshore energy industry to get to work and stay working.” 
The Gulf Spill of 2010 maybe be remembered as much or more for the economic damage it did because of the Obama’s regulatory overreaction than for the environmental damage it wrought. 
Two wrongs do not make a right. 
Excerpt: Read More at Master Resource
This Administration cannot even get its stories straight on how many permits are pending.  All signs point to an intentional tanking of oil drilling in the Gulf by Obama and his liberal Administration for the environmentalist liberal base.

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