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Friday, August 26, 2011

IBD: Left And Right Going Nuclear On Rick Perry (Understatement)

Governor Perry will have been in the race two weeks tomorrow and the attacks are petty, over the top, and in many cases the truth stretched to the point of turning into a lie.  Don't know what else to call it when you take what someone says and leave off the ending of sentences to make it fit your agenda like we first saw out of Tancredo followed by Malkin.  Both were rebuked on various websites for their comments.

This isn't like 1980 when President Reagan faced these same attacks from the right and the left.  Today we have the internet to do our own search.  There is one constant though between 1980 and 2012 -- Karl Rove who worked against Reagan for Bush 41 with dirty tricks and articles dropped that were not quite factual.  We are seeing the same thing today except it is out in the open as so many people have figured out what Bush 41 and Rove are up to in supporting Romney by trying to get a host of candidates into the race they think can take out Perry.  So far all of them like Paul Ryan and Chris Christie have told them NO!  Rove and some of the other consultants along with inside the beltway types want Perry defeated at all cost even if it destroys the Republican Party.  They have put their own interest and egos ahead of what is best for the Country.

This morning the Washington Examiner has the headline:  Perry trails Romney versus Obama.  When you read the article the author compares the fact that Perry beats Romney by double digits but in a head to head Romney beats Obama by more than Perry.  Excuse me but Perry has been in the race less than two weeks and Romney since 2004.  Romney lost to McCain in 2008, and now only beats Obama by eight points when Obama's numbers have tanked?  Perry has room to grow as people get to know him better but everyone knows Romney.  Hate to break to the Washington Examiner but Romney has to win a Republican Primary and dissing the forum of Sen DeMint after dissing Iowa does not spell a win in the Republican primary.  Just found it amusing that a writer so desperate to show Romney as the best candidate would compare him to someone who just got in the race.

These paragraphs from Doug MacKinnon  who is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of the forthcoming memoir, "Rolling Pennies In The Dark" sums up his thoughts on Governor Perry which mirror a lot of us who have been supporting him for a long time:
As he tells his story and as he explains his vision, more and more voters are lining up behind him. As that momentum builds, more and more from the left and right try to twist his words, besmirch his reputation and deceive the American people. 
Fortunately for all who still cherish traditional values, the voters are wise to these self-serving attacks on Perry. Most are now willing and anxious to hear the Texas governor out. 
The rest is up to him. 
The only thing that has surprised me with the attacks is how they went nuclear right away.  Fox News was willing to take what Rove had to tell them at face value and were so far out in left field on the Rick Perry and what he done for Texas, the Dallas Fed Governor took the NY Times, Fox News, and other pundits to task telling them he will have a monthly report with the facts.  Hope Rove is really proud of himself because he has the disdain from many people who once admired him for his actions and those of Bush 41 to the point where Jeb Bush had to defend him and his brother on Cavuto and threw Rove under the bus.

Rove is not the only one as you can tell by the articles on The Weekly Standard, National Review, Fox News,  the Washington Examiner, and the Wall Street Journal for starters on the right.  MSNBC is going nuts with a Perry candidacy along with the alphabet networks and liberal newspapers.  Didn't take a political person to see through Rove with his comments in Fox interviews plus articles for The Wall Street Journal and what he was feeding various writers and pundits.

This article from MacKinnon at IBD nails their agenda for going after Perry -- on the left they are afraid of another Carter versus Reagan and on the right the consultants fear being shut out of the White House if Perry wins.  Frankly speaking I hope that Rove gets what is due after all of these of under handed tactics he has used against his candidate's opponents like in South Carolina against Senator McCain.  His mantra seems to be if you cannot win in a fair fight then take them out any way you can even if it means lying about the opposing candidate.  Looking forward to seeing Rove lose this battle in the primary!

Will Rove have the nerve to attack Rick Perry against Obama?  Stay tuned for the answer!
Left And Right Going Nuclear On Rick Perry
By DOUGLAS MACKINNON Posted 08/25/2011 07:01 PM ET 
When you hear every single liberal media outlet in the country say, "We will know more about Rick Perry after we vet his 11 years in office," you need to understand that what they vindictively mean is: "President Obama and his followers will be proud of us after we are done with the mother of all smearing campaigns against the conservative governor of Texas." 
Not since Ronald Reagan has a Republican candidate for president evoked such outright fear and loathing from the mainstream media and the far-left. 
They are flat-out petrified of Perry and are desperately trying to kill off his candidacy before it can take hold. Why? 
Simple. As they suspiciously heap praise on the likes of Jon Huntsman and even Mitt Romney, they increasingly worry that Perry has the best chance to defeat their handpicked socialist messiah now occupying the Oval Office. 
With exactly that mission in mind, an editor of a major newspaper told me: "We plan to declare war on Rick Perry and do all in our power to crush him." 
There you have it. No pretense of integrity, professionalism or of unbiased news-gathering. This particular newspaper plans to use its very considerable resources to destroy the Perry campaign before it gains momentum. Period. 
Enemies On The Right 
Beyond the usual suspects in the far-left media, many in the GOP establishment such as Karl Rove, are doing all they can to derail the Perry campaign. Again, why? 
Erick Erickson, in an excellent horse race summation in Red State, nails the answer: 
"So you have these guys ... trying to settle every score they can with Perry and his consultant, Dave Carney. ... Because so much of the consultant class will be shut out of the White House should Rick Perry win, their livelihoods depend on Rick Perry losing either now or in November. 
And frankly, for a few in the GOP consultant class, they'll gladly see Perry lose in November just to ensure they are not shut out of a Republican White House. For all the talk of Perry being an establishment guy, the establishment hates his guts as much as the left does . . ." 
Erickson then punctuates the close of that paragraph with this all powerful truth: "That's one reason the base finds him so endearing." 
Exactly. The majority of the American people know — or will know — the real deal when they see it, and that is what is causing so much of the left and the establishment right to quake right down to their faux-Texas cowboy boots. 
The White House has already launched what has been called an "unprecedented" attack against Perry. 
Obediently joining them in this politics of personal destruction campaign against Perry being the likes of NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press, and the liberal bottom-feeders at Comedy Central and the cable networks. 
Excerpt:  Read More at IBD

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