"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Joint Committee on the Budget First Action: Cut the White House Budget

The White House's Top 20 Raises from KFSO.com:

We had heard earlier that Obama had given the White House personnel an 8% pay raise when the rest of the Government Civil Service has received no raises for two years along with Social Security.  This shows the raises.

There are a few problems with this report that appeared on Huffington Post with salaries.  They 21 officials in the Obama administration earn the maximum salary of $172,000 a year but that is not the administration as the Cabinet doesn't look to be listed.  This is White House staff only -- no Cabinet secretaries, no CZARS who make the maximum with an office budget of $1M per Czar.  Four CZARS of the 35 to 42 were cut in the budget deal in April because three duplicated efforts of Cabinet Secretaries and one was the Car CZAR.  That still leaves 31 to 38 CZARS getting paid with our Tax Dollars.  Hard to find a list of CZARs but there are any where from 35 to 42 with seven more planned.  In January The Hill reported Republicans introduce bill to eliminate presidential ‘czars’ which looks to have died in the Senate like so many other bills.  Guess you could tab the Senate as the place where good bills go to die!

You can see the full list of White House staff at the links below:
How much do White House staffers make? Twenty-one officials in the Obama administration earn the maximum salary, $172,000 a year, according to the White House's annual report to Congress, released Friday afternoon (30 June 2011) 
The lowest salary is $41,000, and three White House advisers work for free: Patricia McGinnis, Jessica Schumer and Shale Wong. 
President Obama takes home $400,000 per year. 
The full report released by the White House is at Huffington Post AOL
What is the full White House budget including transportation for the last two years?  You cannot find it because the Democrat House/Senate in 2009-2010 never did have a budget.  There is still not a budget for FY 2012 that starts 1 October 2011 so it is impossible to find what the White House or any other agency is actually spending.  Yet some people wonder why the spending by Obama and the Democrats are out of control.  Was a non-budget done on purpose so the Democrats could spend at will with no accountability?  That seems to be the case.

We need a full outside audit of the Government -- bet taxpayers would be appalled at what they find.  Time to stop runaway spending the the White House should be front and center.  Roll back those 8% raises as #1.

Will someone please explain how the Senate can go on a month long recess with no budget being passed and Obama can fly off to Chicago for his big fundraiser and then vacation with no budget for FY 12 in place?  House has done their job, but not the Senate or Obama.  Where is the outcry from the mainstream media or do they want a month-long vacation as well?  This is no way to run Government!

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