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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Red State: On the Nature of the Perry Attacks

This article from Red State this morning made me chuckle because Erickson is so right.  Think the attack about the video story cracked me up the most.  The pornographic movie stores in Texas are best represented at the adult stores on the border with OK -- we have the casino's, they have the adult stores across the border on the major roads.

Drive down I-35 and you pass a very grand casino of the Chickasaws that has buses running from the Dallas Fort Worth Airport to the casino.  They have a new 10-story hotel and inside is all the glitter of Vegas.  Drive another two miles down the road crossing the Red River and on your right is a sleazy looking adults only store with video, etc.  Now that is a porn place.  All I know he invested $5,000 to $10,000 which was peanuts as an investor.  Used to go to Movie Gallery and remember the Adults Only section where you had to be 18 to enter.  In fact at the one we went to, there were no "R" movies on display with the family section.

We have also seen attacks in the last week where someone leaves off parts of sentences to fit their agenda, attacks by some people who if they for a candidate I am most likely on the other side, and taking his words twisting them around to report something he didn't say.  The latest Rove move to get Congressman out to tell Perry to tone it down actually brought more support to Perry.  A lot of us like the fact that Gov Perry tells it like it is and if you don't like it tough.

The part about the consultants made my day.  I remember 1980 and thinking those guys in CA know what they are doing.  One thing left out is Bush 41 is behind the curtain with Rove and wants desperately to have someone put his son Jeb on the ticket for 2012 VP so he can run in 2016.  Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard first let the cat out of the bag about six months ago when he suggested a Christie/Jeb ticket.  Until then I didn't realize that Christie was considered a Bush person and that Rove was so involved with him.  Now Rove is dropping stories that are negative and generally acting like a spoiled brat that didn't get his way.  Bush 41 and Rove showed themselves in the Texas Governor's race on what they were willing to say and do.

Now there is an article that Jeb can take out Perry in Florida  With who? Huntsman the man who dislikes today's Republicans.  Huntsman might as well have called us neanderthals yesterday for not signing onto the Global Warming 'junk science' as he tarred us with we are all against science.  It is getting wild out there but supporting Huntsman over Perry is not going to win votes in Florida.  Maybe someone needs to remind the Bush 41 people that voters choose the nominee not who they are told to support.  What next from the Bush 41/Rove crowd?  Rick Perry was a werewolf or Dracula one year for Halloween?  Maybe what Perry was for Halloween can be the next new rumor of the day right along side of the small investment in the Movie Gallery.

Just remembered something -- I can relate to the next President as I talked my way out of a speeding ticket and only got a warning several years ago when I was late going to the airport to pick up Mom.

Erickson has done an outstanding job with this article to make these consultants looks like fools just like the Reagan consultants did in 1980 when Rove was with Bush 41.  What a way to start a morning with this article that nails the consultants who are willing to put their egos over what is best for the Country.  See a negative on Perry, look for a consultant behind the attack he has beat should be the mantra!
On the Nature of the Perry Attacks
Posted by Erick Erickson (Profile)
Saturday, August 20th at 11:15AM EDT

Rick Perry once tried to get out of a speeding ticket. 
Rick Perry once owned stock in a chain of video stores competing against Blockbuster, some of which also rented adult movies. 
Rick Perry once was a Democrat. 
The attacks have come fast and furious against him. But most of the attacks take on a peculiar and very telling strain. 
A reporter on television or in print will utter a sentence like this, “Privately many Republican consultants suggest Rick Perry may be too Texas or shoot from the hip too much and might turn off necessary independent voters and women.”
It sounds so serious. As Alex Castellanos said on CNN the other night on John King USA, some fear Rick Perry might have “Mad Cowboy Disease.” 
Let me sum this all up for you into what Rick Perry’s biggest problem is. 
Whether you are talking about Alex (Team Carole Strayhorn 2006) or Karl Rove (Team Kay Bailey Hutchison 2010) or a host of other national Republican consultants, Rick Perry and his Texas team have beaten a significant portion of them. 
But they did not just beat them. In many cases, Team Perry then shut the consultants who opposed him out of future business with him. 
So there are scores and scores of Republican consultants who have scores to settle with Rick Perry and his team. And for guys like Karl Rove, if Perry were to win the White House, Karl and a few others would see themselves shut out of White House business for at least four years.
Rick Perry may be the only guy in America to have beaten both Karl Rove and also Obama’s own consultant, David Axelrod. 
So there’s a lot of score settling in a lot of the attacks. Next time you hear some Republican consultant say Rick Perry can’t win because he is too much of a cowboy, understand that it is probably a national Republican consultant fearful they will be shut out of work if Perry wins and, more importantly, understand that the same dynamics were in place in 1980 with Reagan’s “boys from California” team of consultants and the national consultants back them said the same about Reagan — he’s too much of a cowboy conservative who will alienate key voting blocks. 
That’s not to say Perry is Reagan. It is to say the GOP national consultants have been pulling the same stuff since 1980.
If you would like to read interesting takes on what is happening in today's world of politics, please visit Red State.com to get the latest.

Someone asked me yesterday if I was having fun and with articles like this, the answer is YES!  Love having a candidate who not trying to be someone who he is not -- what you see is what you get with Rick Perry.  Shame that cannot be said about all candidates who sometimes are round and trying to fit themselves into a square peg.

Looking forward to what this week brings because last week was interesting to say the least!

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