"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Rove joins the Bush anti-Perry campaign

The last puzzle piece finally has fallen in place -- this is all about getting Jeb on the ticket as the VP and then win or lose he runs in 2016.  No wonder the so-called conservative sites like the Weekly Standard are after Perry, he is not a Bush person and they want Jeb in 2012 as VP so he can be President in 2016.  The only thing we disagree with is that Rove just joined the Bush anti-Perry campaign, he has been on that train for a long time.  In last year's primary he was part of the group trying to take out Perry with Kay Bailey for Bush 41.  Did they suspect that Rick might run and wanted to make sure he didn't.  What a disgusting bunch of power hungry people.

Now Rove has gotten some of the Bush Congressmen on board to have them tell Perry to tone it down.  Why would anyone listen to what members of the House have to say?  Those Congressman will do anything that the Bush family and Karl Rove want and you can take it to the bank.  Three used their names and a 4th didn't saying he thought a lot of his constituents would support Perry.  The fact that Rick is outspoken and says what needs to be said is refreshing instead of the wishy washy people in the House except for people like Eric Cantor, Pete Sessions, Mike Pence Steve King and others who are not beholding to the Bush camp.

What gives Bush 41 and his cabal the idea that another Bush should be President?  Isn't two members of the same family enough?  Guess you could say I am a recovering Bush supporter and feel totally duped by this bunch.

They took out McCain twice -- first in 2000 in SC with the lies orchestrated by Karl Rove and then in 2008 with the TARP that was orchestrated to make McCain look bad and Obama as the leader that Bush and Bernanke could rely on.

Looks the only thing that matters to the Bush Family under Bush 41 is power.  It started with Nixon when a whole group of them were in the Nixon Administration.  When Nixon went down, they had Ford but managed to tank him in the general election waiting for Bush 41 to step forward in 1980 but there was a glitch -- Ronald Wilson Reagan who believed deeply in America and what we could accomplish.  Fortunately, Reagan had Lee Atwater who was better at playing the game than Rove was for Bush 41.  Reagan won and then made the big mistake of putting Bush 41 on the ticket.  Always had the feeling that Reagan was looked down on by Bush 41 for not being from the Ivy League.

Anyone ever wonder why neither Bush would say a word against the person who replaced them even when the Bush 43 people found their offices trashed by Clintonites.  I know I have but this is all about politics to set up another member of the family to be President so you don't want to alienate Clinton so you bring him into the family.  Thought it was strange that Bust 41 visited Obama but not any more.

It is time that conservatives from the grassroots and the local Tea Parties to say enough is enough and get behind the candidate that the Bush family and Karl Rove hates the most:  Rick Perry.  We know for sure that he is not one of their cabal.
Rove joins the Bush anti-Perry campaign

What kind of man wants to be VP anyway? 
Via HotAir by Tina Korbe: “Karl Rove: Christie, Ryan, Palin might still grow the field”:
“We’ve got a good field,” Rove said on Hannity on Aug. 15. "I think we are likely to see several other candidates think seriously about getting in . . . I think Chris Christie and Paul Ryan are gonna look at it again . . . I’m starting to pick up some sort of vibration that these kind of conversations are causing Christie and Ryan to tell the people who are calling them, you know what, I owe it to you, I’ll take a look at it.” 
Dude, I wonder who is calling. Jeb Bush? Former Bush employee Mitch Daniels? Karl Rove?
This is Rove street theater to have Jeb Bush as VP on a Christie or Ryan ticket; to win or lose in 2012 is irrelevant. It will return it to the Bush family via Jeb in 2016. 
As said here months back, Chris Christie is the Bush family’s Barack Obama; the last chance for the family fortune before the millennium finally awakens, as Obama was/is for the Kennedy family. Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard blurted it out on TV months back when Christie was the flavor of the month. The ticket should be: “Christie with Jeb Bush as VP.” Got it.
The problem here of course is that Mormon, Mitt Romney, who demands to be heard as a free man in America. As Ann Coulter blurted out some months back, Christie should run because Romney cannot win. 
That is, he cannot win in the heartland because he is a Mormon. Perhaps. But at this moment, Mitt Romney virtually holds the future of the world in his hands. What the Bush proxies want is for Romney not to win in New Hampshire’s primary. Because Christie or whomever the push ahead will then have gone through Iowa with nothing, then a big win for Romney in New Hampshire, then a big win in South Carolina for Perry and onward and upward for Perry/Bachmann in the red states. 
Even the jolly, likable and apparently loyal Bushido Christie would not have a chance. He doesn’t have a chance in South Carolina or Iowa anyway. He would have to win New Hampshire to go forward. 
The only way he could do that is if Mitt Romney, ahead by a large margin in NH right now, dropped out of the race completely before the primary. Mitt’s decision is, do I take one for the team? That is, do I fold in with the Bush plantation or take my chances in America? Anyone who has watched Romney in Massachusetts and anywhere knows one thing: that he is his own man and he is a free man. 
Source:  The Hill

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