"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wisconsin Senate stays in Republican Control after $30M spent by Democrats nationwide

Bad investment by the Democrats.  ACORN and SEIU their political arms are slipping in Wisconsin after nationwide Democrats contributed over $30M to these recalls and still came up short.  Could it be possible that voter fraud is ebbing in WI or is it the fact that most colleges are not back in session so students cannot vote at home and in precincts in college.  Gov Walker signed the new redistricting bill yesterday which will make it even harder for Democrats to keep their stranglehold on Wisconsin.

Never forget that in 2004, this was the state where Democrats gave out packs of cigarettes to get people to go vote.  These people could care less if they were registered as they always have a name they can use since there was no voter identification required to vote.

It is a stain on America that in order to win ACORN and SEIU have resorted to voter fraud over the years.  How many Democrats in Congress today were elected by voter fraud?  How many church buses from Chicago have gone around the area bringing voters from Chicago to polling places in other states?  They didn't just stop in N. Indiana in 2008, they also went to Ohio and by some ACORN/SEIU 'miracle' both red states turned blue.  Are we saying voter fraud was involved?  Absolutely!  We had in Oklahoma from ACORN in two State Senate seats as the Democrats tried to keep the OK Senate from going Republican in 2008 for the first time in history.

Next week Wisconsin will be going through the Recall of Democrat Senators who fled the state rather than honor their oaths of office.  You would think they were employed by the SEIU instead of representing all the people in their districts.
Wisconsin GOP 'Darling' Deals Democrats a Blow Felt Nationwide
by John Gizzi

Few—if any—observers in or out of Wisconsin expected the nationally watched recall elections for six state senate seats to turn out the way they did last night. With more than $28 million nationwide flowing into the Badger State, and the Republicans’ 19-to-14-seat majority in jeopardy, three of the six GOP senators held onto their seats against hard-hitting Democratic challengers, and did so with relative ease. But Democrats did manage to unseat Republican Senators Randy Hopper and Dan Kapanke, meaning that control of the senate hinged on the outcome of the sixth and closest race of all. 
By midnight in Wisconsin, after a long night of results that seesawed in the Milwaukee-area's 8th District, Republican Sen. Alberta Darling claimed victory. Darling, a close ally of conservative Gov. Scott Walker and co-chairman of the committee that sent his controversial budget to the senate floor, had won 51% of the vote over liberal Democrat and two-term State Rep. Sandy Pasch. If the 67-year-old Darling’s slim victory holds up (and threats of legal challenges by State Democratic Chairman Mike Pate go nowhere), Republicans will have clung to a majority in the senate of 17 to 16. 
But the outcome of the six contests last night unarguably transcends the boundaries of the Badger State. Had Democrats won a majority in the senate last night, they would have not only dealt a major blow to Walker’s conservative agenda, but set the stage for a recall of the governor himself in January (under Wisconsin law, a governor cannot be the subject of a recall until he has been in office at least one year). Coupled with a Democratic takeover of the senate last night, a recall of Walker would have clearly energized Democrats nationwide—critical in a presidential year.

Excerpt:  Read More at Human Events
Looks like the National Democrats, ACORN voter fraud, and SEIU have failed miserably.  You could say that ACORN is not involved but whatever name they are using today, they are still involved in voter fraud up to their eyebrows.  That's all those people know.  What did the community organizer Obama teach ACORN workers when he was working with them?  Voter fraud or did he learn it from them?

Bottom line:  DNC/SEIU couldn't buy enough votes to take over the Wisconsin Senate yesterday!  Now that is a miracle!

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