"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Boehner adds balance-budget amendment and picks up support

Obama and Reid have said they wanted a bi-partisan agreement.  This new Debt Ceiling bill has a bi-partisan balanced budget amendment (BBA):
The House had scheduled votes on two BBAs for this week. Under the revised Boehner plan, the sending of either to the states, including a version that attracted significant Democratic support in the mid-1990s, would allow for the second debt-ceiling increase. 
Reid has been in the Senate long enough that he should remember the BBA from the mid-1990's unless he has selective memory loss which would not shock me at all.  He seems to have a lot of those moments unless it benefits Democrats and their donors.

Will any House Democrats have the nerve to buck their leadership and vote for this revised bill.  The charts I have seen the Democrats put up are a joke and a farce during this debate.  If House Democrats are so worried about the AAA rating falling to AA, why are they not getting on board with a BBA which will steady the markets?  The Democrats runaway spending since Obama became President has led to this crises from the failed stimulus waste to the Obamacare bill that is unaffordable and has already cost jobs.  I expect nothing out of the Senate or House after Hoyer whined that Republicans were working on a bill without their input when they (Democrats) did have input on the weekend.  

The bi-partisan bill on the floor of the House yesterday was the agreement worked out by the Senate and House Leadership from both parties over the weekend but the Pelosi/Hoyer House Democrats would not let one person from their side vote for that bi-partisan bill that Hoyer said was not bi-partisan.  Go figure out that reasoning and when you have figured it, please let us know.

Now the House has a more right leaning bill on the floor which is actually a better bill then they had yesterday when the Democrats got stubborn and refused to vote for the bill.  Yesterday's bill that Reid and all 53 Democrats signed a letter saying that the Senate wouldn't pass ignored the fact he (Reid) was part of the agreement.  Once again looks like Obama got Reid to move the bar and change the ground rules.

Obama took to the airwaves this morning to once again attack Republicans on not working in a bi-partisan fashion when he is the least bi-partisan of anyone.  He is also the last one to the table to get involved as he was out campaigning and ignoring the debt ceiling approaching.  

If the media wasn't so one sided, they would be pointing out Obama was campaigning while the initial talks were going on as he had zero interest as he raised campaign funds.  They would also point out how Obama poisoned the water of anything truly bi-partisan by his continual attacks on Republicans as he is not acting Presidential but as a Presidential candidate.  The "I Won" President started out this Democrat Only approach and hasn't stopped.  When he says bi-partisan, it is pure rhetoric as it is obvious he resents having Republican input.  Would hate to think where our deficit would be without the House going Republican in 2010.

This is also the same group of Democrats whining that rammed Obamacare through the House and Senate with Pelosi telling people you had to vote for it to find out what is in the bill.  Republicans have given the Democrats equal time to debate this unlike what the Democrats pulled for three years before the 2012 election.  

After this vote today, the ball is going to be in the Democrats court in the Senate.  What are they going to do with this House bill, table it like they did the House bill Cut, Cap, and Balance on a procedural vote refusing to have a true vote on the bill?

The Senate Democrats have NO budget once again and on 1 October we are facing the end of the fiscal year.  They have had the House passed budget since April and yet have nothing for the CBO to score.  The incompetence of this President and the Democrat Leadership in the Senate and previously the House has put this Country in the mess financially we are in today because of their runaway spending and talking about cuts they never put on paper in a bill.  All talk and no substance.

Where is the President's bill to balance the budget he has been touting -- we are betting he has zero, zip, nada and it is all rhetoric or it would have been put on the table for the CBO to score long before this.

States have BBA's so why doesn't the Federal Government?
Support shifts as Boehner adds balanced-budget amendment
By The Hill Staff - 07/29/11 11:12 AM ET 
House Republicans will link passage of a balanced-budget amendment to Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) last-ditch debt-ceiling plan, which GOP lawmakers said would move the measure to passage in a high-stakes vote later on Friday. 
Republican lawmakers voiced confidence the enhanced bill would pass muster with conservatives, as Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) predicted the balanced-budget amendment change would bring 10 to 20 more GOP members on board. 
Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), a key holdout, and a Senate candidate, quickly took to Twitter after the meeting to say that he was a yes vote. The conservative Club for Growth also offered a tentative endorsement. 
Republican lawmakers say the Boehner framework would still pave the way for the debt limit to be raised through the 2012 election in two chunks. But it would also mandate that the second hike of the ceiling could only occur after a balanced-budget amendment passed both chambers of Congress and went to the states for ratification. 
The announcement came following perhaps the most crucial conference meeting of Boehner’s Speakership, and less than a day after House GOP leaders stunningly had to pull back on Boehner’s plan to raise the $14.3 trillion debt limit shortly before it was scheduled for a vote.
Top GOP lawmakers then spent a pizza-fueled Thursday evening arm-twisting hesitant members of the rank and file, before deciding to regroup Friday morning. 
Excerpt:   Read more at the The Hill about what the obstructionists Reid and Obama have to say.  They want Republicans to be bi-partisan while they immediately say they will not approve any House bill.  The ball will soon be back in the Democrats court so what are they going to do now!  Throw another fit and refuse to allow a vote on the bill?

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