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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gov. Perry: Veterans’ Experiences, Skills are Valuable to Our Workforce

San Antonio is the perfect city to ceremonially sign the bill for the College Credit for Heroes program.  The city is home to so many active duty and retired personnel that it is great the State is recognizing these men and women who served along with the experience and skills they learned in the military.  From Randolph AFB to Lackland AFB and the Kelly Field Annex at Lackland to Fort Sam Houston and some smaller installations, you will find military in all areas of the city and surrounding towns.  It is also a destination for military retirees.
Gov. Perry: Veterans’ Experiences, Skills are Valuable to Our Workforce 
Signs legislation creating College Credit for Heroes program 
Thursday, July 14, 2011San Antonio, Texas 
SAN ANTONIO - Gov. Rick Perry today ceremonially signed Senate Bill 1736, which establishes the College Credit for Heroes program. The governor was joined by Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, veterans and others for the signing ceremony. 
"The knowledge and skills our veterans bring back from service are an important, and all too often untapped, resource for our communities," Gov. Perry said. "While we can never fully thank them for their service to our nation, I'm proud to sign this important bill, which helps veterans and military service members transition to civilian life by applying their skills and experience to help them graduate more quickly and save money on tuition." 
SB 1736 will help expedite the entry of veterans and military service members into the workforce by allowing colleges and universities to develop programs that give them credit for experience, education and training obtained during their military service. The governor called for the creation of College Credit for Heroes in June 2010 and again in his State of the State speech in February. 
"Countless Texas veterans receive top-level training during their military service, but have difficulty obtaining college credit for their knowledge and skills when they return home to a civilian life," Sen. Van de Putte said. "The establishment of the College Credit for Heroes program ensures veterans with meaningful military experience have the opportunity to receive the academic and workforce education credits they deserve." 
"Service men and women are highly skilled, experienced individuals who have a tremendous amount to offer their communities when they return home after serving their country," Ronny Congleton, Commissioner Representing Labor for the Texas Workforce Commission said. "College Credit for Heroes will ultimately give our returning veterans faster employment opportunities and help fill the workforce needs in Texas." 
"Texas is focused on creating and improving affordable pathways to degree completion," said Higher Education Commissioner Raymund Paredes. "SB 1736 will help veterans leverage education and skills earned during their service to accelerate time-to-degree, reduce costs and strengthen Texas' workforce." 
Gov. Perry is committed to ensuring our service men and women receive the opportunities and benefits they deserve. This session Gov. Perry also signed legislation making it easier for active-duty military members to vote while overseas, legislation extending the property tax exemption for fully disabled veterans to their surviving spouse, and legislation ensuring the property tax exemption follows disabled veterans to a new property if they move. 
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