"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CNN Breaking News: Obama to Agree to short-term extension of debt ceiling because the "Gang of Six"

President Obama would agree to a short-term extension of the federal debt ceiling if there is agreement on a significant deficit reduction plan by Democrats and Republicans that needs more time to be passed by Congress, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday.

Obama has steadfastly opposed a short-term deal, going as far as to threaten to veto any legislation that contained such provisions. But Obama declared a long-term deficit-reduction plan unveiled Tuesday by the bipartisan "Gang of Six" senators consistent with his approach to solving the problem. Senate Democratic leaders say that further negotiations on that plan are needed to work out the deal and it would not get through Congress before the country reaches its debt ceiling on August 2.
Just received this email from CNN and it makes sense since progress has been made by the "Gang of Six" -- their proposal is not perfect but when has any budget proposal been perfect.  No one gets everything they want when a bill is actually read before voting.  The key is the fact that it provides a path to future budgets as well as the current one.  Finally the Senate will be able to say they have a budget.  Then a Conference Committee from the House and Senate can iron out the differences so for the first time in two years, the United States will have a real budget with cuts in spending which the companies like Moody's will be happy and our rating will stay at the top. 

Too many people want it all now, but it is not going to happen.  Republicans control the House but do not control the Senate and the White House so anything the House passes will probably not pass the Senate even when it makes sense if it has to do with the budget.  Elections have consequences, and we are still seeing those consequences.  Too many members of Congress are so quick to say "NO" because they didn't get what they wanted.  Some comments out of some Senators are frankly naive and short sighted.  Disappointed that the immediate reaction of some was "NO" like someone was going to magically give them all they wanted.  

Must admit that Michelle Bachmann following Ron Paul's lead last night to vote against the House bill on the deficit showed that she will follow Ron Paul and do what he says instead of the smart thing.  We don't need Ron Paul or his protege anywhere near the White House with his attitude on our military which he would decimate and not think twice. 

We are still having a hard time figuring out how closing loopholes is raising taxes when the tax rate goes down.  There are loopholes in the Tax Code which should have been shut a long time ago but am getting emails telling everyone to call their Senator to stop the Tax increase.  Frankly we think the Dr. Coburn proposal on the Tax Code to simplify and shutdown loopholes is a great idea.  Loopholes should not be in the Tax Code and if closing them is considered a tax increase, then tough -- they need closed.

This process has been an eye opener.  We have members of Congress on one side working diligently hour after hour to try and get a compromise to protect the credit rating of the United States with the debt ceiling deadline approaching.  Then we have the other side from both parties who automatically said "NO" to any compromise putting politics ahead of the United States. 

We shouldn't be in this place to have to raise the debt ceiling but the last four years with all the new agenda items of the Democrats and Obama on top of the growth of the deficit under Bush have pushed this Country to the limit.  We didn't get there over night and this is not going to be solved over night but we have the beginning of the first steps to get the budget of the United States under control. 

Will put my faith in Dr. Coburn any day of the week over any Senator whose first reaction is NO to anything that is a compromise!  Dr. Coburn was sent to DC by Oklahomans to represent us to try and stop runaway spending.  He was opposed in 2004 by the establishment in DC led by President Bush, Karl Rove, and others because they knew when he said something he meant it and was not going to be a rubber stamp for new programs that cost the taxpayers money. 

Oklahoma grassroots of which I am proud to be a member went to work and with the help of Toomey's Club for Growth, we made him our nominee for the general election with no run-off election even though there were three people running.  The Bush person in our primary lost it at a function and made a jerk of himself right before the primary and Dr. Tom won going away.  Grassroots spent a lot of time working for Dr. Tom in the primary making phone calls hour after hour after hour and continued that in the general election.  It worked and he won the General Election. 

Of all the elections I have worked over the years, seeing Dr. Tom win was probably the highlight because so many Republicans in DC were against him at the beginning.  Now America can see why we sent Dr. Tom to DC as he is doing what we expected -- making the hard decisions and always having a plan to make things better.  If it means working across the aisle, he will do just that if it benefits Americans. 

Dr. Coburn is honest and puts America First by not only his words but by his actions.  This is one Oklahoman who is very proud of the work Dr. Coburn has done in the Senate and look forward to more of the same from the Doctor from Muskogee, Oklahoma.

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