"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Obamagram, White House Dossier's Weekly Newsletter Email

When I read this, everything many of us said about Obama before the election turned out to be true.  We were called racist since we didn't support him but the reason was inexperience and his friends on the far left who included domestic terrorists, a minister who preached black separatism who was very good friends with the head of the Nation of Islam, and numerous people like Rezko not to mention ACORN.  That should have set off doubts with a lot of people but he just kept throwing people under the bus when anyone brought them up and the majority of the media kept ignoring.  Guess wanting the first black president to show they were not racist was more important than telling the truth.

If you want the truth about what is happening in the White House, please visit the White House Dossier unofficial White House Blog by Keith Koffler which is totally refreshing.  To find out there is a White House journalist who tells it like it is and corrects mistakes instantly restores some faith in the White House Press Corps.  When Koffler talks about having a backbone, he needs to look no farther than in the mirror as he has a huge backbone to do this blog from inside the White House Press Office.  

Signed up to his Weekly Newsletter email recently and it is so much better then most I receive.  If I could only take one email with updates of the week, it would be Kofflers.  Encourage you to visit his site to sign up for not only updates that come out during the week but to get his Weekly Newsletter.  

This is an excellent example of his writing:
President, Must be 35, Experience Preferred 
It's an odd thing about employers, but they often want prior experience in those they hire. Like, if you want to be a waiter, a restaurant owner might want to be sure you've already had to deal with the public when it's hungry and can carry a tray of Mojitos. 
But not if you're running for president. In 2008, we elected a president with no relevant experience for the job. At all. 
And it's showing.
President Obama has never run anything larger than a hot dog stand. Not even a small one, with a single bay for boiling franks. He has not had a chance to hone the qualities of leadership so essential to someone taking over the large enterprise known as the United States. Our greatest presidents are leaders. This one is not. 
The main reason the talks collapsed last week is because Obama, by the White House's own admission, suddenly raised the tax portion of the Grand Bargain by 50 percent to $1.2 trillion over ten years. Republicans say he also backed away from commitments on entitlement reform and spending reduction.
Why did he do this? It was either because Democrats were complaining to him about being cut out of the talks with the GOP, or because the bipartisan "Gang of Six Plan" had even more in tax increases, and he couldn't let a GOP-backed proposal get to the left of him. Or some other unknown reason.
Bottom line, he failed to take a stance and stick to it. He allowed some extraneous pressure to knock him off stride. He followed instead of led. And ultimately, he failed to unite Congress behind a plan, to bridge partisan differences, which is what leaders must do.
Obama's failure to lead started, well, at the beginning, when he let Congress write up and pass the stimulus bill. He then proceeded to let Congress take the lead on health reform and the financial services overhaul as well. The result was little to no Republican support, increased polarization, and vows to overturn the latter two measures. 
With the BP Gulf Oil spill, Obama was nowhere to be found, until the uproar reminded him he was president. When Iranians piled into the streets to protest and possibly overthrow the Mullahs, which would rid us of the existential threat of the Mullahbomb, Obama stayed out of it, hoping the troubles wouldn't interfere with his plan to friend Ahmadinejad.

When Mubarak was tottering in Egypt, Obama put his finger up to the wind to see which way the wind was blowing in Tahrir Square. 
But it is with the deficit, another mortal threat to the country, that Obama has perfected his talent for avoiding leadership.

He never proposed a budget that seriously cut spending. His policies - from the stimulus to the health care bill - have made the deficit worse. He rarely misses a chance to talk up "investments" - aka "spending" - sending the wrong message.

He initially asked for a massive, clean increase in the debt ceiling. Now he's trying to tag along after the Republicans decided this had to be accompanied by major cuts in spending.
He wants everyone to eat their peas, even though he just recently put them on the menu due to popular demand.
Obama needs to drink his milk. It contains calcium, which is good for developing backbone. 
Keith KofflerEditor, White House Dossier
Obama is a prime example of why someone without Government executive experience should not even run for President.

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