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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kerry spokesman stripped of Silver Star -- Swift Boat Veterans were Right!

Now will the Secretary of the Navy have the nerve to revoke Kerry's Silver Star which he did not earn?  What a sham they pulled in Vietnam to award that group of phonies Silver Stars and just now the Navy has figured it out?  Swift Boat Veterans were right all along about Kerry and his enables and now facts begin to emerge although the Navy Times refuses to put it on its website.  How wimpy!  Just like Kerry!
July 26, 2011Kerry spokesman stripped of Silver Star
John F. Kerry almost became president running on the basis of his alleged heroism in Vietnam. Thanks to the efforts of a group of truth-tellers, the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth, the serious holes in the fantasy narrative propounded by the Kerry campaign came to the attention of enough Americans that John Kerry was not the first faux-Irish President of the United States. 
One of Kerry's enablers in propounding his imaginary heroism was a man named Wade Sanders, who himself held a Silver Star, and who introduced Kerry to the Democratic Convention. Scott Swett, who was central to the unraveling of the Kerry storyline, tells us that the Kerry enabler has been exposed for what he is. His Winter Soldier site has the details: 
John Kerry was introduced at the 2004 Democratic National Convention by Wade Sanders, a retired Navy Captain and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy who served as a Swift Boat officer in Vietnam. Like Kerry, Sanders was the recipient of a Silver Star for gallantry in action. During the 2004 campaign, Sanders functioned as Kerry lead attack dog against the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, repeatedly denouncing the veterans on the air as liars and comparing them to Nazi propagandists. 
Wade Sanders is now in Federal prison, serving a 37-month sentence for possessing child pornography. Now the Navy Times reports that Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has revoked Sanders' Silver Star. The highly unusual decision appears unrelated to Sanders' felony conviction. A Navy spokesman cited "subsequently determined facts and evidence surrounding both the incident for which the award was made and the processing of the award itself." John Kerry has to be hoping this doesn't become a trend. 
As one might imagine, the media has ignored this story. Even the Navy Times declined to post its own article online.
Source:  American Thinker


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