"A wise and frugal government which shall restrain men
from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cain Campaign Hits the Brakes so he can Rest!

Watching the Herman Cain train wreck day after day has been a little strange.  His 3-3-3 plan now for empowerment zones in the inner city is far from what you would expect out of a Republican candidate.  You have to believe that people are messing with the media polls from the pollsters to the people answering the questions.  Refuse to believe that the Republican voters would throw their votes away on someone who is so naive.  Rick Perry received $17M in donations in 49 days versus Herman Cain receiving $3M in October who is joined at the hip with the Koch Brothers and Americans for Prosperity.

Cain has made gaffes ever since the spotlight was shown on him and frankly he has failed miserably in the spotlight.  Looks like his original intent was to get in the campaign to sell his book and make money which he loves to do.  Nothing wrong with that but there is a problem when he talks down to people who are not rich that everyone can do what he did.  That is not even close to true.  With empowerment zones, he wants to bring back affirmative action of the 70's -- no thanks after living through it and watching people get promoted because of the color of the skin as the only criteria -- experience or background in the field count or background.   How much money has been wasted in urban areas over the years and now Cain wants to give them a break again?

Hermain Cain achieved what he did with a lot of hard work along with his likable personality.  Along the way he doesn't seem to have learned much about the way our Government works or the Constitution as has become evident as the days have gone by.   Now he is taking time off from the campaign trail to rest and refocus -- first it was a month for book signing and now it is to rest and refocus.  Does he have the stamina to be President?  Doesn't look like it and firmly believe when voters go in the booth in the primaries, he is not going to get the votes the polls are showing.
Cain Campaign Hits the Brakes 
Oct 27, 2011 9:26 PM EDT

After weeks of missteps, Herman Cain’s strategists are slowing the pace to give their man a chance to focus. Howard Kurtz on the downshift—and how Cain is defying political gravity.

Herman Cain has made one high-profile blunder after another since his unlikely surge to the top of the GOP presidential polls. By the normal rules of political discourse, he should be back to peddling pepperoni any day now.

Read More at The Daily Beast
The following comment from claywillis on the article sums it up Herman Cain and his run so far:
Love the Horatio Alger story. Phenominal personal narative. Super likable and accomplished.

However the litany of serious policy gaffes, not just style points, has gotten quite long. A quick reprise:

When asked how we would compete with China he responded "we will outgrow them. 999 will take GDP growth to over 10%. "

When asked a about federal deficit he indicated he could balance in a year because of growth explosion from 999.

Any one some that is aquainted with economics knows that both claims are patently absurd

Others mishaps include:

Fruit bowl defense of 999
Incoherent mish mash on Abortion policy
Electric fence malapropism
Becky Becky stan
Guantanamo Hostage exchange mishap
Bizzare X files Smoking man campaign Ad

And so on and so forth

He responds with denials, claims that he mispoke or feigned misunderstanding of the question.

The press is giving him a pass. His gaffes on economic policy show a profound lack of fundamental understanding. These have much worse implications on his judgement than manufactured outrage against Perry on Gardasil and Heartless comment regarding immigration.

He has exactly 6 people on staff in both Iowa and NH.

Over the past month Cain has demonstrated that he is not a serious candidate. Rather he has become a gigantic distraction to the important busininess of selecting a nominee - To Romney's great advantage.

In fairness he should pull the plug on this joy ride.
Romney has enjoyed the benefits of the Cain ride to the top, but that is about to change as the flip flopper is being outed daily.  Romney is the establishment candidate and has NO core values as he continues to flip flop now on Right to Work which is a core value of conservatives.  Romney feels entitled to be President as it is his turn.  This is one Republican who has had it with that entitlement mentality of the establishment.  They gave us Bob Dole and by pushing Romney so hard in 2008, we got John McCain.  Never again a lot of us vowed after 2008. The Bush 41 cartel has pushed it way too far this time with Romney.  He is not likable and arrogant as they come.  Cain's arrogance has also come out in the past few months which has been a shock.  Would never have thought that out of Herman Cain but better to see it now.  Both of them are using the 'gotcha' question to explain their gaffes.  How about saying, "I should not have said that" -- see how easy that would be instead of always blaming others for their mistakes.

As for the polling, it is pretty worthless right now.  It always has been this far out from the election.  It is slanted Democrat as always plus a lot of Republicans don't have landlines preferring cell phones.  If they have a landline, they won't answer it when pollsters call, due to caller ID.  Yet every year all these polls show a tightening near the election and then pollsters brag they got it right.  There are way too many polls and doing a national poll is ridiculous when the states vote individually.

If you watch what the campaigns are doing, then you can see what the internals are showing.  If they are adding people in states, then their poll numbers that count are showing the truth not the phony numbers of the media polling companies that over sample Democrats and Independents and under sample Republicans.  The only thing that has changed from the bad polling of the 2000 election is that it has gotten worse.  Now everything is polled.

Why are there so many debates this time and who is responsible?  It is ludicrous.  Only thing I can think of is that it showcases the squabbling within the Republican Party which is what the Democrat media wanted showcased.  Some of the questions are meant to get the candidates riled up at each other.  After the Orlando debate it came out that the questions were done on purpose as well as the camera angles to make Perry look bad.  Dishonest media shows its ugly face again with Fox News trying to throw an election to Romney and using anyone in his path as fodder.  News to Fox News -- it is not working.  Website after website has figured out what Karl Rove, Roger Ailes, and Fox News are up too this time.  You all became sloppy and left fingerprints this time.

Bet John McCain is wishing he had the information on Rove, Ailes, and Fox News in 2000 that he has today and his race might have turned out different.  McCain was hosed big time in South Carolina by that group and any suspicions he had back then had to be confirmed today with watching what they are trying to do to Rick Perry.  The question remains WHY?  Is it power or something deeper?  What are they afraid Rick Perry will find?   If you have any thoughts, please send them our way at truesoft.474@gmail.com

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