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from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
(Thomas Jefferson)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Real Story of NH Speech by Perry where he Woos a Conservataive NH Crowd

Do you want to know how bad the so-called conservative and some liberal media have become?  They have been attacking Rick Perry's NH speech where he showed enthusiasm when earlier they were attacking him for showing little enthusiasm.  Some inside the beltway types went to far as to wonder if he was drunk and called it a bizarre speech.  I decided to view the speech for myself as I have seen Perry give speeches in the past.  I don't see where anyone could have called it bizarre unless they didn't understand the references to baseball and the Texas Rangers or to Live Free or Die or references to the Alamo.  If the conservative media thinks that speech was bizarre, they have been living in a bubble for way too long and don't understand Middle America even a little.

But then in parts of New England and NY you do not have 85,000 people show up for college football game on a Saturday and yell until they are hoarse either.  Our candidates get enthused out here because that is who we are not some keep your hair perfect and wear the right clothes.  We are blue jeans and sweatshirts in the fall of the year.  Prim and proper will never be a label worn by most of us in the middle part of the Country.

The stories out on the Perry speech in NH Friday night convince me beyond a shadow of a doubt that first Rove has been busy dropping anti-Perry stories again and that second Perry is a serious candidate for some of the media to write such negative articles about his speech.  They all sound alike as if they all got the same story in email that was dropped on them.

Somehow ABC missed the email as their article describes what happened with the speech and how he was unleashed for this speech enjoying speaking.   That's the real Rick Perry who Rove wants defeated in favor of the flip flopper Romney who you don't know where he stands on an issue and if wait a few days he will most likely change his mind depending on polling.  I thought Clinton was put a finger in the wind but Romney has been beating him as well as Kerry.  The Rove candidate Romney has no core values but he wants to tank Perry who has core values conservatives understand.  

The former yell leader from Texas A&M is an enthusiastic person who is at his best when he shows that when he speaks and debates.  I find it refreshing compared the east coast establishment types.

ABC's article on the speech:
By Arlette Saenz
Oct 28, 2011 10:35pm
A Revved-Up Rick Perry Woos a Conservative New Hampshire Crowd 
MANCHESTER, N.H. – Rick Perry gave the crowd tonight at the Cornerstone Action Dinner a peek at a different Rick Perry than the one that’s been on display in recent debates and television interviews. 
Perry, who has received criticism over his lack of energy in some debates and speeches, adopted a more lively tone as he spoke to the conservative advocacy group, despite having to miss his Texas Rangers play in game seven of the World Series. 
“Holy mackerel, I’ve held up my whole week,” Perry said as he recounted the prior night’s World Series game six. “I’ve held up my whole year, and we roll in here last night and, you know, at [a Rangers lead of] 7-4, and it’s awesome. It’s all going to be over with. The Texas Rangers, after 50 years, they’re going to win a World Series. Oops.” 
The St. Louis Cardinals came back multiple times in dramatic fashion Thursday evening and won the game 10-9 in 11 innings, forcing a seventh and deciding World Series game tonight.
As he joked with the crowd of approximately 450 people, Perry compared the slogan of the state of New Hampshire to that of the Alamo. 
“This is such a cool state,” he said. “I mean, c’mon. ‘Live free or die.’ You gotta love that right? 
I come from a state, you know, where they have this little place called the Alamo and they declared, ‘Victory or death.’ We’re kind of into those slogans – ‘Live free or die.’ ‘Victory or death.’ ‘Bring it.’” 
Perry carried his energetic tone throughout the speech as he touted the new tax plan he unveiled earlier this week. His campaign even distributed at each seat a sample postcard people could use to file their taxes under the proposed 20 percent flat tax system. 
“I have a great respect for the New Hampshire model,” he said. “You think about no state income tax, no state sales tax. If you do that right-to-work thing, then you are going somewhere. You can put those big signs up, big neon signs up on the border of this state that say ‘open for business,’ and they will come.” 
Though Perry was in Mitt Romney’s backyard, he called out only one candidate by name – Herman Cain – and criticized Cain’s 9-9-9 plan, which Perry argued would not play well in a state with no sales tax. 
“That plan I just shared with you doesn’t force the Granite State to expand your tax footprint, if you know what I mean - like 9 percent expansion,” Perry said to laughter. “I love Herman. Is he the best? I just try to have fun with him. He’s a great and interesting guy. And thank you, Herman, for helping pay for the event tonight.” 
Herman Cain for President was a gold sponsor for the Cornerstone Action dinner Friday night.
Perry spent the remainder of his speech expressing his commitment to enhancing “policies that make our families stronger.” 
“As a society, we have to stay in for the principle that every life is worth living regardless of the circumstance,” he said. “In America, it’s not where you are from. It’s where you’re going that matters. And as Americans, we must affirm daily the value of life not just in our Declaration of Independence but in the way we live our lives.” 
Perry accused some candidates of espousing anti-abortion values just for political reasons, not because it comprises their core beliefs. 
“For some people, for some candidates, for an election, the issue of life is a slogan for the campaign,” he said. “It’s how to get some votes. To me, it’s about an enduring principle that innocent human life should be protected in all forms and at all stages of life.” 
The Texas governor lambasted President Obama for providing federal grants to Planned Parenthood and employed a similar line to one used by Rep. Michele Bachmann when urging voters to oust the current resident of the White House. 
“We must make President Obama a one-term president,” Perry said. 
Perry, who filed his paperwork to formally run in the New Hampshire primary earlier Friday, boasted of the promise of America as he ended his speech. 
“I’m for saying it loud and saying it proudly. We are the land of the free. Let’s let America be America again and again, be the land of the free,” Perry said.
And with baseball still on his mind, Perry asked someone as he exited the stage if they knew the score of the game.   
Source:  ABC 

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