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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Federal Probe has Expanded in West Virginia into the Manchin Administration

Let's get this straight -- Raese owns a second home in Florida which the DSCC released in an ad. That sure opened up a can of worms because Manchin owns a 54-foot yacht which is docks in, you guessed it, Florida. The ad about Raese's second home in Florida makes no sense until you realize the Federal Probe into the Manchin Administration has been expanded. Now the DSCC is trying to change the subject but having a second home is nothing new. A lot of us who detest winter wouldn't mind owning a second home in South Florida where it is warm most of the winter.

Looks like Manchin has been using state planes for personal business for sometime. Does Manchin use a state plane to fly down to his yacht in Florida taking along 'friends' of his or the Democrat Party? How much Democrat fundraising has taken part on the Manchin 54 foot yacht? Might be an interesting question to ask.

Manchin, a private pilot, took heat in the past for upgrading the gubernatorial air fleet and for taking personal trips in government planes, like a 2005 jaunt to go pick up his yacht in Mobile, Ala.
Why would the small state of West Virginia need a fleet of planes? How long does it take to drive anywhere in West Virginia -- not long. One plane okay but a fleet?

The WV Democrat Chairman Larry Puccio who was Chief of Staff and former business partner of Machine is in the target of the expanded federal investigation. One area that has Dems freaking out is an reported inquiry into a state contract that was awarded to Puccio’s firm for appraising land for the state department of highways. That seems like that would tie direct to the Governor.

Voters in West Virginia need to play it safe and vote for Raese as their Governor is going to be tied up in this probe for some time before it is all said and done. Wanting their Democrat Chair to resign immediately is trying to sweep it all under the rug before the election. Democrat corruption in WV which has been going on since I grew up in Ohio is legendary. Shocked there is even a probe. Must have been under the radar so Holder couldn't stop it in its tracks to protect Manchin. The investigation seems to be growing by the day.

Any Wonder Why National Democrats Are Trying To Change The Subject In West Virginia? Wednesday, October 27, 2010 @ 04:10 PM

Some of you may have seen the new TV ad released by the DSCC today attacking West Virginia Republican Senate candidate John Raese for owning a second home in Florida. That would be the same state where Governor Joe Manchin currently docks his 54-foot yacht, Black Tie. The same yacht reportedly equipped with "two staterooms, a salon, wet bar, washer and dryer, master bath and shower and entertainment center." Not surprisingly, neither Joe Manchin’s recently-revealed Florida ties, nor his 54-foot yacht, were mentioned in the DSCC’s ad.

But when you consider the news headlines below – from just the last 48 hours – regarding the ongoing federal investigation into Governor Manchin’s administration, is it any wonder that his campaign strategists in Washington are so desperate to change the subject? Please take a look below, and more importantly, please also note the latest developments from today on this matter.

Charleston Gazette: More Subpoenas Issued In Federal Investigation
Charleston Daily Mail: Investigation May Hurt Manchin
Charleston Daily Mail: Incidents Come At Bad Time For Democrats
Politico: W.Va. Probe Worries Dems
Charleston Gazette: State Contractor Sentencing Postponed Again Due To Ongoing Probe
Charleston Gazette: Democratic Official Calls For Ouster Of State Chairman

And there are new developments today regarding the ongoing federal investigation into West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin’s Administration….

One day after it was revealed that federal agents have expanded their probe and subpoenaed the director of the state Aviation Division, along with flight logs and records for official government aircraft, the Charleston Gazette reports today that a member of the state Democrat Party's executive committee is calling for the resignation of the State Party Chairman Larry Puccio. Notably, Puccio is Manchin’s former chief of staff who has been linked to this expanding federal probe.

Key graph: Beckwith believes Puccio, who was elected chairman by the executive committee in June, has not been able to serve effectively because of an ongoing federal investigation of the Manchin administration that might have ties to his real-estate appraisal business, as well as to his previous tenure as chief of staff to Gov. Joe Manchin, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. "Right here in the midst of a crucial off-year election, we are not only trying to stave off the Republicans, but are dealing with the taint ... surrounding the current administration," she stated in the e-mail.

Meanwhile, Fox News reports this afternoon that West Virginia Democrats are “freaking out” over the expanding federal probe into Joe Manchin’s Administration.

Key graph: Manchin, a private pilot, took heat in the past for upgrading the gubernatorial air fleet and for taking personal trips in government planes, like a 2005 jaunt to go pick up his yacht in Mobile, Ala. Local reporters say that the central figure in the investigation is Larry Puccio, the current chairman of the state Democratic Party who is Manchin’s former chief of staff and business partner. One area of inquiry is reportedly a contract awarded to Puccio’s firm for appraising land for the state department of highways. Courthouse whispers in Charleston say that no charges are likely before Election Day in the ever-broadening federal probe, but the possibility is causing tremendous angst among Manchin’s supporters and the Democrats planning to move up the line upon his once seemingly certain election to the Senate.

Notably, with the Senate election now less than a week away, and in a move reminiscent of a quarterback trying to take a knee and run out the clock in the 4th quarter, Joe Manchin still refuses to comment in any way on this expanding federal probe into his Administration.

Source: NRSC

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