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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sunshine State News -- Alex Sink: Cheating, Lying, Losing

We have been reading a lot of articles about the fall out from the debate, but have to say that Nancy Smith of Sunshine State News has covered it better than anyone. She has caught the essence of Sink's smugness, arrogance, and 'holier than thou' attitude that has been on display throughout the campaign.

Does Sink care if her ads tell the truth? The clear answer is NO as she has questioned Scott's integrity and honor every step of the way with her lies and spin which seem to typify liberal Democrat campaigns in this mid-term election. When questioned on her own record, she ducks the question or blames others.

The biggest difference in the two shows up in the fact Scott is willing to admit if he made a mistake but Alex Sink holds herself to the typical liberal standard that it is someone else's fault as she is superior.

This is Day 3 of the cheating scandal of Alex Sink. Who is she going to blame today? Maybe she can bring in her good friend Obama to lecture Floridians on the need to support Sink against her enemies (evil Republicans). Worked really well (sarcasm) when he did it to Latinos in California -- backfiring across the Country. Obama and Sink make the perfect pair -- blame everyone else for any of their mistakes!

Enjoy this article!

Alex Sink: Cheating, Lying, Losing
CNN debate gaffe an election killer when you've run a self-righteous campaign

Sunshine State News
By: Nancy Smith | Posted: October 27, 2010 4:05 AM

Alex Sink might just as well have doused her campaign with kerosene and put a match to it.

Her dream of being governor went up in smoke Monday night.

It’s all but gone.

For some candidates, cheating during a TV debate, even lying about it afterward, might look like a mountain. But if they never cried out to voters, 'I'm the good and honorable one,' then it's a mountain they can climb.

Not so for Alex Sink, who spent the last 2 1/2 months setting herself up as the antipathy of wickedness.

Sink built her whole campaign on a kind of special righteousness. She emphasized the vast distance between her trustworthiness, honesty and character, and Rick Scott’s lack thereof.

It’s been an all-the-time thing from the beginning, this comparison between upstanding Democrat Alex Sink and sleazy Republican Rick Scott. Her ads, her press releases, her speeches – one after the other a sanctimonious comparison between evil and good (Scott and herself, respectively).

Well, now what does she do?

With the election like the iceberg just before Titanic hit, Sink is out there looking impending disaster in the eye. The CNN debate video of her reading a text message when it was against the rules has been linked and clicked and shown tens of thousands of times already, not only in this country but around the world.

That kind of notoriety, that kind of gossip-induced titillation, doesn’t go away in a week. Ask Sen. Mike Bennett, R-Bradenton.

Neither does the realization that Florida’s chief financial officer is virtually incapable of accepting responsibility. First she fired the “aide” who sent her the text message, then she kicked him by telling the press, “it was foolish” for him to do it. Is this a sample of how she would govern the state of Florida?

What we realize now is that she knew full well what the text message was when she said she didn’t. We know she cheated and we know she lied about it later.

If those are harsh words, they are at least fair ones.

And if Rick Scott chooses to play the Alex Sink Election Blues like a country-western song on a fiddle, in ads from now till Tuesday, who can blame him?

The bloom is off Alex Sink’s rose.

The pillars of righteousness on which her campaign was built disappeared Oct. 25 in a cloud of smoke.

Source: Sunshine State News.com

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