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Saturday, October 30, 2010

OK Senator has 'sure-win list' -- Predicts Party Takes Control of Senate

Senator Inhofe is lightening rod in the Senate for Democrat hated by the likes of Boxer, Murray, and other clueless Democrats because he stands up for what he believes but he is also a thorn in their side. Former Senator Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer along with Patty Murray of Washington may detest him the most. When he talks to audiences he always has something to relate about those three especially when Hillary was in the Senate. If he got in the elevator, they got off. It is hilarious to hear him speak about how much they hate him and show that fact. Along with those Senators, the environmentalist wackos hate him in DC especially since he has been proven correct.

They may not like Jim Inhofe in DC but the grassroots here in Oklahoma love him. He tells it like it is. He has fought the environmental warming crowd for years and now he has been proven right in his assessment of their 'junk science.' We expect him to be right with his list of Senators who are going to win on November 2nd. We agree about the Senate seat held by Byrd 100% and are absolutely shocked it is even in play but then we never expected Scott to win the seat in MA after Kennedy died.

If I could have two people on my side in an election, I would want my two Senators Coburn and Inhofe -- you cannot go wrong having them support you. Guess Inhofe's problems with Murkowski have come out with her stance on Cap and Trade plus a few other things with his video for Joe Miller in AK. Don't think he will be sad to see her go. If you are around Jim Inhofe, you better have a sense of humor. What's he going to do for fun if Murray, Boxer, and Murkowski go down to defeat?

Have often heard it said that Jim Inhofe has the most integrity and honesty in the US Senate which speaks a lot about the character of the man. Raese has the best person he can get campaigning for him.

GOP senator has 'sure-win list,' predicts party takes control of SenateBy Shane D'Aprile - 10/29/10 02:32 PM ET

GILBERT, W.Va. — Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) said Friday he's confident Republicans will take back the majority in the Senate and expects West Virginia's contest between Republican John Raese and Gov. Joe Manchin (D) to be the majority-maker for the GOP.

"If someone had told me 20 years ago or even six months ago that Republicans would ever take the seat vacated by Sen. Byrd, I would've called them crazy," Inhofe told The Ballot Box on Friday while campaigning with Raese on a swing through southern West Virginia. "But this race looks like a sure thing to me right now."

Inhofe then pulled out a sheet of paper on which he has jotted down his own Senate math.

"Here's my sure-win list," Inhofe said. "We've got Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Washington, Wisconsin and North Dakota. West Virginia is the newest one on here, and that brings us to 10."

In reality, several of those races, including the Manchin-Raese contest in West Virginia, are far from sure wins for the GOP on Tuesday, but Inhofe said the national environment continues to trend toward the GOP. He predicted things could get even worse for Democrats before Election Day.

The senator said he doesn't think Republicans need to win in either Connecticut or California on Tuesday, "but that doesn't mean we won't, which would give us room to spare."

After November, Inhofe anticipates a relatively uneventful lame-duck session, with Democrats largely unable to push much of anything through. He also doesn't think President Obama will move to the center if his party suffers big midterm losses.

"I kind of look at him and look at Clinton in 1994," Inhofe said. "While Clinton is arrogant, he can't approach the level of arrogance of Barack Obama. Obama looks in the mirror every morning and says, 'I can convince anyone of anything.' So while Clinton came back and started working with Republicans, I just don't see Obama doing that."

As for who would lead the GOP in the Senate if the party takes back the majority, Inhofe said talk of anyone other than Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) as majority leader is just talk.

"He has the votes to spare, and I don't think anyone would challenge him," Inhofe said. "I know some people say Jim DeMint, but it won't happen."

Inhofe, who is often a conservative lightning rod in Washington, has hit the trail for a handful of GOP Senate contenders ahead of Election Day. He also recorded a video for Alaska's Republican Senate nominee, Joe Miller, which was played at Thursday's rally headlined by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R).

"The campaign trail's been great," said Inhofe. "In Washington there's so many people who hate me, it's kind of fun to go where people like you."

Source: The Hill

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